Role and Function of Mass Media on Namibia Socialization - Broadcasting Essay Example

Introduction According to internet mass media refers to medium which can communicate a massage to a large group often simultaneously - Role and Function of Mass Media on Namibia Socialization introduction. There many types of roles and function of mass media, but mass media got types and subtypes of mass media, and are as follow :digital media, where u will find intents and mobiles, broad cast media: radio and television and the last but not least the printed mass media :books,pamphlets,newspaper and magazine. The role and function of broad cast media.

Let speak of radio as media, programs are distributed through radio broad casting over frequency band that are highly regulated by the federal communication commission. According to community 2 note, radio is a media through which information about hiv and aids can be given to those who are living positive. We use radio to communicate the death of our be lovely people. On other hand our council rich use though radio to tell use new job opportunity, information on application form on high instution, vaccination campaigning in a particle area.


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According to Anthony Giddens : its through radio we hear information, about job opportunity, words of God that boost our spiritual life on every Sunday ,hear we listing to pastor and songs that incallage use to live a holy spiritual life. On other hand it’s through radio business people advertise business items, location and contact number incase people may be interesting to go buy. We use to listen every day news in radio about what is happening in Namibia. As we have seen radio has a lot of roles and function when it comes to socialization.

Let us look the role and function of television on socialization now day television occupies a key position in house hold and play an extremely important role in the socialization of people. This powerful system of mass communication makes it possible to convey information, attitudes and ideas to enormous number of people all over the word in a Mattel of seconds. On other side 98% of households have television. It must be accepted that Namibia household will also in the foreseeable future have television sets in their homes.

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