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Role Model as Father Essays

My uncle has been my most influential role model . I look up to him because he is a person of great character and integrity. He has shaped me into the person I am today by teaching me about respect and responsibility and that anything worth having takes a lot of hard work. The most important thing he has taught me is how to think. He always says, “You can learn something from everyone, even if it’s what not to do. ” Another thing he has taught me is that not everyone will like you but, depending on how you treat them, they will respect you. Another reason I am so fond of him is that he always does what he promises.

If he says, “I’ll pick you up at seven on Thursday,” it will happen. Uncle Bruce has gone through some terrible experiences but hasn’t let them affect him negatively. He was a New York State trooper for 20 years so he’s seen and done things I have no clue about, but it is nice to draw on his amazing knowledge. The best thing he has done is keep me out of trouble. After hearing all his trooper stories about alcohol- and drug-related fatalities, I have no interest in doing anything that could harm me or my friends. He is also the only person who truly believes I can make it to West Point.

He has done everything within his power to help me achieve that goal. Uncle Bruce is my hero because he is everything that I want to be when I’m his age. He is smart, financially secure, and gives back to his community. There is no way I can repay him for all he’s done. He is the one whose opinion can change the way I look at something. I’ve never told him that I love him, nor he me, but we love each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but I wouldn’t change anything about him. I can’t imagine living without him now that he is here.

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