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Roles and Responsibilities of a Coach

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    A role model is described as a person who presents a positive influence and is admired by many people. As a coach being a role model can influence the player’s development in many ways, especially when you coach kids to a youth they can often try to be like the coach by imitating the behaviour and conduct of their coach. Coaches who are role models are an inspiration and they can be the player’s source of knowledge. This means that the player is motivated and looks up to the coach, they will also depend on the coaches’ skills to help them develop and improve theirs while being trained.

    Being role models consists of having various good qualities that stand out and also have a good impression to the players. Coaches can influence the players in four categorical ways which are social, personal, psychologically and health. Some coaches find it hard to also come down to the trainee/player’s level because of the pride they have. Most role models tend to do that, coming down to level of the player’s because it helps them relate and understand the player. Demonstrating good and acceptable behaviour as a role model to the trainees is way of showing how they should be conduct themselves.

    Also showing good teamwork is important because however you will treat your other colleagues or the trainees, most especially young trainee tend to pick up on that and will likely do the same. Cooperation is essential in a team especially it’s important for the coach to show that they can work well with other trainees and colleagues. Without cooperation it won’t be easy for the coach to train the players because not working well together can cause disruptions and causing trainers leaving the team and it leaves a bad impression especially to the coach.

    Following rules in a certain sport and show good code of conduct especially during games or in competition is a very good because it doesn’t only show a positive image of the coach but the players as well. It proves how they are committed to the sport as much as the coach is. Coaches can influence players personally by encouraging them to learn life skills and promoting their own self- esteem, also coaches they need to be able to have self discipline and also be able to manage personal matters making sure it won’t affect their career, to a point that the lose ocus because their personal matters. Also coaches, Having good manners and values is another essential thing that coaches need because by showing respect to the trainees, they also show it back. Psychological effects include the coach being able to generate atmospheres that will help performers’ control their emotions and develop their characteristics in the sport and also a coach with confidence and mentally stable that their able to handle tough situations and also to be able make good decisions that will have an effect in both the coach and performers.

    Having a positive outlook on how the performances can be developed or improved. This helps the players in many ways because if they have the good attitude towards the sport, their performance is likely to be in high levels and also confidence can help the player perform well. Health wise coaches, who are fit and in good health helps encourage the players to develop healthy habits and coaches make sure you maintain them in order to maintain a good performance. An example of a coach who is classed as one of the best coaches and a role model is Phil Jackson a Basketball coach for Lakers.

    He builds players’ self-confidence and develops players as leaders. He doesn’t let the emotion of the moment control his behaviour. He is a community builder and has a sense of humour about life. He grows on his players. He Honours the Game. He demonstrates moral courage like standing up publicly for what one believes is right even when it’s not popular. All these qualities fall in all the four categories from above which shows that he is a very talented and a perfect role models especially to young coaches in the basketball field. Manager Head coaches in teams are usually classed as managers.

    They are in charge of maintaining the team and making sure everything that has to do with the players/team is high-quality. Managers are expected to do a lot as they are in charge of the team. Mangers have to be able to have interpersonal relations with players and colleagues. Being interpersonal includes them being able to have good leadership skills and also being motivational. Mangers also act as supporters for their players being part of being motivational. Also it’s important them at having professional skills, for them to have the ability to help supervise the team.

    They also have to be able to treat their team with care because the way they treat their players can not only have an effect on the individual performance but the whole team performance. They have to be able to analyse the performance players through match reports and videos, being analytic can help the manager make decisions on how to improve and maintain the performance levels. Also managers have to be able to have good decision making skills. This role is one of the hardest as a manger because whatever the decisions they will affect the whole team.

    Mangers have to be much organised and also be able to organise the team in game situations and training. They have to have strategy that will help the player’s performances. Good Communication skills are essential needed in order to be a manager, because they will need to be able to have effective communication with players in order to help improve their performances. Managers have to be able to do have all these skills because if they lack one it can make all the difference between the team accomplish their goals or lead to failure.

    Mangers are also responsible for the affairs meaning that they have to deal with the team’s personal, professional and public matters. For example if one of their players get a bad publicity in media. Managers usually intervene and try to talk on behalf of the player in a professional manner Good managers are able benefit from their coaching sessions, socially by socialising with peers and friends. They also have to be able to act in a professionally manner especially when they competing with other teams.

    Managers also act as role models so they have to have the qualities of a role model. Sir Alex Ferguson is known to be the one of the best managers. He has been awarded with the best manger 8 times in his career. He is described as a man with determination and also the players portray him as a friend and also an inspiration to them. Professional coaches and amateur coaches have the same roles and responsibilities although they differ in professionalism and rank of coaching they still have do the same jobs.

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