Rolling Over the Bridge: Audi Advertisement - Advertisement Essay Example

Rolling Over the Bridge: Audi Advertisement

Audi is a known brand when it comes to cars and accessories - Rolling Over the Bridge: Audi Advertisement introduction. Through the years, their company had been trying to improve their product quality, giving emphasis to customer satisfaction. But it is not only their customer service and product insurance that they are investing money and efforts but their merchandise commercials as well.


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In this advertisement, there is no car pictured or being modeled. However, Audi made sure that the audience takes in what they want to say. A bridge is a strong foundation that securely connects two places. It should always be sturdy, tough enough to stand through the effects of years. Audi’s cars, similarly, are illustrated as cars that could stand both the miles to travel and the years to pass. Apparently, we could see the importance of the sepia tone in this image. Had this picture been in full color, our focus might not be entirely on the bridge and the illusion it makes as the bridge and its reflection merge. We might appreciate better the surrounding trees and the pond water. Analyzing, I would have to say that this is intended to capture the eyes of those who loves to travel. The bridge itself proves it; a way to go from one place to another.

Though there isn’t any car, the circular figures formed in the image, representing both the car itself and Audi, have been vivid enough to say what they are trying to sell. Cars wouldn’t go without wheels. It’s a pretty simple logic of using circles to represent cars. But the manner, the technique of how it is used in this advertisement is probably the best thing Audi had made here.

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