Roman Numerals and Dexter - Sacrifice Essay Example

Quotes such as “She was entertained only by the gratification of her desires and by the direct exercise of her own charm” describe what kind of person she was and what her actions were in the story - Roman Numerals and Dexter introduction. Dexter loved the she was kind of like a princess of the club. Desirable by all men and hard to get.

4. Characterize Dexter. What is important to him? Although he appears motivated by the desire to be with Judy, he also makes sacrifices. What is he willing to sacrifice for her?


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Throughout the story his main interests are his company that he built and Judy. A little bit more interested with Judy because he has a urge to sell the company and move with her to new York where they can live happily.

5. Explain this quote: “carelessness was for his children” (1016). Why must Dexter be “careful”?

Dexter must be careful because as him mother being a immigrant he couldn’t afford to mess up in life. He couldn’t afford to make any mistakes and ruin his life. But later on as he made it big in the industry, his children would be able to make mistakes because they have him to fall back on.

6. Explain this quote: “No disillusion as to the world in which she had grown up could cure his illusion as to her desirability” (1018).

The author is trying to say that Judy’s desirability is fake and what Dexter’s is trying to accomplish from her is all just an illusion. Basically saying that he will never get her.

7. Explain this metaphor: “That old penny’s worth of happiness he had spent for this bushel of content” (1020).

This quote in simple terms means you should give something up that will give you more fulfillment in the future.

8. Read the second to last paragraph of the story. What has Dexter lost? Has he gained anything?

Even though Dexter has become even more wealthy then he was before, he has lost Judy. She married a man who constantly cheats on her while she is at home taking care of the kids, and lost her looks and personality. He feels sorry that he couldn’t have her when they were both still young and youthful.

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