Romeo And Juliet Love Quotes Essay

Gullet’s use of personification enhances the stupidity of the feud between the Montages and the Capsules because a name is restraining her love. Upon meeting Romeo, Juliet is able to see past Romeos name and view Romeo as a person not the enemy. Juliet realizes Romeo would still be the same without the name Montague and leads her to the question, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any word would smell as sweet,” (2. 243-44). Juliet reveals through the metaphor Romeos true identity has a stronger effect Han a name.

The effect is so strong it causes Juliet to disregard the thoughts of her family. She wills Romeo to “doff thy name” and in return she will rid herself of “thy name, which is no part of thee. ” (2. 2. 48). Juliet offers herself to Romeo, to turn her back on her family, and to be with him. The theme is expressed of suffering love that cannot be because of her families rejection of a title in a person’s name. Juliet realizes her love is stronger than a title that her parents falsely taught her defined a person.

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Romeo And Juliet Love Quotes
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