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Romeo And Juliet Balcony Scene Painting

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The play is basically set off of conflict. When there is love there is war. Conflict is the key role in Romeo and Juliet. There are conflicts starting from the beginning to end. The conflicts include: Man vs.. Man, Man vs.. Self, and Man vs.. Society. Both of the families are in conflict, and have been since they can remember (Man vs.. Man). Len fact the first scene in the play is a brawl between the Montague and Capsule servants. Romeo is in love with Roseanne, but Roseanne wants nothing to do with him.

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Romeo And Juliet Balcony Scene Painting
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Romeo then falls into a deep oppression, that is one of the first conflicts ( man vs.. Self Then his cousin invites Romeo to a masque. This leads into more conflict considering that the masque is held at Lord Caplet’s house. Taking into account the feuds that the Mountings and Capsules are having this is not a wise choice for Romeo. Since Romeo is in love with Roseanne, he will basically risk everything to go to the masque.

The next conflict that occurs in the play is Table a Capsule recognizes Romeos.

Table then wants to fight Romeo, but Lord Capsule onto have any fighting in his household. Romeo sets eyes on Juliet and forgets all about Roseanne. Juliet is now the love of Romeos life. Romeo and Juliet get married without their families knowledge. Table kills Romeos friend Mercuric and starts another conflict ( man vs.. Man ). Romeo then retaliates by killing Table. Juliet on the other hand is having a conflict with herself, because the man whom she loves has killed her cousin. Due to the fact that Romeo has killed Table he is banned from Verona ( man vs.. City This is another example of conflict, because Romeo can’t see the love of his life Juliet. A huge conflict is when Juliet is scheduled to marry Paris. She is just about the only person who knows that she is already married. Another person who knows is FRR. Lawrence. He is the one who wed Romeo and Juliet. The Friar can’t wed Paris and Juliet because he will be condoning sin ( since Juliet is already married ). So the priest gives Juliet a potion that would make her seem like she is dead.

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