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Romeo and Juliet

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  • Pages 2
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    Juliet has proven to be more mature compared to Romeo because of her practical attitude and better control over her emotions. In Act 2, scene 1, both Romeo and Juliet profess their love for each other outside of the Capulet’s house but Juliet is more realistic about their love and more cautious when she states: “Well do not swear…too like the lightning which doth cease to be…

    This bud of love, by summers ripening breath, may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet” (129-133). Here a rational Juliet tells Romeo that by swearing their love for each other too early they might risk losing their love more quickly. She shows this when she compares their newfound love to ‘the lightning’, because lightning produces an intense, bright light in the sky, but then quickly disappears.

    Juliet makes the sensible decision that she wants to take things slow with Romeo. Juliet then goes on to compare her and Romeo’s love to a bud of a flower, symbolizing that their love still needs time to grow, and that next time they see each other, their love will ‘prove a beauteous flow’r’, bloom into an even greater love. In this quote Juliet proves to be more mature than Romeo by not letting her affection of Romeo, blind her from seeing reality. Romeo, on the other hand proves to be less mature, by his lack of control of his emotions and his dramatic attitude. He shows this when he states:

    With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls
    For stony limits can not hold love out…
    Therefore thy kinsmen are no let to me (75-77).

    Here Romeo is trying to be romantic by telling Juliet that his love for her will protect him from the threat of her kinsmen. He is really being naive and letting his affection for Juliet blind his better judgment. He states that ‘love’s light wings’ helped him climb over the Capulet’s wall and speak to Juliet. This shows Romeo’s dramatic infatuation with Juliet and his desire to be romantic for her. It also shows how.

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