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Romeo And Juliet Summary Act 1

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Juliet gives glimpses of her willpower, trench, and strong-mindedness, in her initial scenes, and offers a partial view of the woman she will turn out to be during the four-day period of Romeo and Juliet. Gullet’s first meeting with Romeo drives her straight to adulthood. She is quite an independent young woman; she is able to pass judgment on Romeos rash choices and his tendency to imagine things. When she walks into the tomb to find Romeo dead, she does not kill herself out of weakness, but rather out of love, just as Romeo did.

Gullet’s death required more nerve than Romeos.

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Romeo And Juliet Summary Act 1
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This is because he swallows poison, but she convinced her mind to stab herself in the heart with a dagger. Juliet was one of Shakespearean most confident female characterization he ever made. Friar Lawrence Friar Lawrence is a strange character in the play. He is a sympathetic priest who helps Rome and Juliet throughout the play. He marries Romeo and Juliet and mostly gives wise advice.

He is one of the most scheming and political of characters in the play; he marries Romeo and Juliet as part of a plan to end the family feud in Verona between the Montague family and the Caplet Emily.

He invents a plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet through the deceptive trick of a sleeping potion that seems to occur from almost spiritual knowledge. He sends a message out to Romeo as part of his plan but that went horribly wrong. Romeo heard about the death of Juliet but did not get the letter explaining about the potion. Romeo soon arrives to see Juliet merely sleeping but he did not know that. He finds a poison and drinks it. In many ways Friar Lawrence brought fate to the play. Mercuric Mercuric is a witty and clever minded man.

Mercuric has one of the most memorable scenes in all of Shakespearean work. He constantly makes puns, jokes and teases; sometimes this is for fun, sometimes in resentment. Mercuric does not believe in love throughout the play and makes jokes about it. Unlike most Of the other characters that blame their death on fate and only fate, Mercuric blames his on the house of Montague and the house of Caplet. He curses them before he dies. He jokes before he dies about only getting scratched by the prince of cats, which was Table, who stabbed him with a piece of shattered glass.

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