Romeo and Juliet: Quick Love Mistaken for Lust

The whole play takes place in a time span of three days and in those three days they fall in love, get married, commit three or more crimes and kill each other in the devastating ending of this beautiful love story. As a product of their death, their families come together and start new, in non-violent and non-hateful lives. When Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet his main argument was about quick love mistaken for lust. “For I newer saw true beauty till this night. ” Said by Romeo in Act 1 Scene 5 While most good relationships take years to build, Romeo and Juliet met two ours before they decided to get married.

They had never met before and didn’t even know each others names before they exchanged passionate kisses at the Caplet’s party. Talk about rushing things! Second, Romeo and Juliet are supposed to be very young. Romeo is seventeen or eighteen while Juliet is only thirteen. Their feelings are hormone-driven. Romeo decided he was in love with Juliet, just from her looks, before they even speak to each other. They are so young and haven’t met enough people to know who their “soul-mate” is. Many adults don’t even know exactly what they’re looking for in love.

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Why should they rush into things with one person when they have their adult lives ahead of them to decide whom they want to be with? Finally, Romeo and Juliet are broken-hearted. Romeo was still in love with a girl named Rosalie the night he met Juliet. This young lady was going to become a nun and couldn’t possibly have a relationship with Romeo. However, Rosalie was the reason Romeo attended the party in the first place! Juliet was supposed to marry a man named Paris, but marriage was not what she wanted. When she met Romeo, he provided somewhat of an escape from that broken-heartiness for her as she did for him.

Romeo was someone Juliet could choose and vice-versa, which made them seem more attractive to one another. Both Romeo and Juliet had broken hearts, which fueled their sudden changes in emotion. This is not what a healthy relationship should be based on. Shakespearean quote now holds real meaning and helps the audience relate to the story. His warning now seems justified: watch for quick love mistaken by lust, it kills. It kills your family, your friends, and eventually and most devastatingly, it kills your lover, and most likely you. Their quick love and marriage is lost in their tragic death.

The lives of Mercuric and Table are lost as well. Their lust has dire, and lasting consequences. The story of Romeo and Juliet is used by society to represent true love, but love is not the real name for what is felt between the two. The relationship between young Romeo and Juliet was rushed and immature. It was hormone-driven (those darn teenagers! ) and fueled by their broken hearts. While the story is entertaining and classic, it is not an accurate representation of a healthy relationship, much less a good representation of love. This story is one of tragedy, conflict, and most of all, lust.

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