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Rubric for writing assignment 3rd grade



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    As a victim, one is entitled to certain rights. Despite the fact that some of the rights are universal, others are only awarded by a jurisdiction. For instance, the State of Georgia has its own set of special rights that are accorded to any victim. As such, it is vital for every individual to understand what these rights entail in order to make sure that they receive fair and just treatment in case they ever find themselves in a scenario that warrants the exercise of such rights.

    The paper shall delve into the victim’s rights in the state of Georgia and how they impact any criminal law proceedings. Victim’s rights laws in the state of Georgia are not inscribed in any amendment to its constitution. These laws are however spelled out in statutes under Title 17 (Passion, 2014). These laws note and guide the responsibilities of the law enforcement officers, the judiciary and, above all, the victim. They provided the crime victims with the rights available and incorporated within the context of the criminal justice system of the state of Georgia.

    All the involved parties noted have a role to play and bear the responsibility to one another as required by the laws. Among the victims’ rights in the state of Georgia is the right to be informed of the crime the perpetrator shall be charged with and their arrest. The need to inform the victim about the arrest of the accused may help in the investigation of the case. For instance, a victim may be afraid of giving their whole testimony to the police before the accused is arrested.

    Some cases have seen very dangerous criminals stand accused of crimes alleged to have been committed (Raman, 2010). Before an arrest is made, a victim may be scared of giving their testimony to aid in the case till they are assured of their safety. The arrest of the accused, for this reason, may help calm them down and reassure them of their safety considering the fact that the accused is behind bars. The victims’ rights also include the notification of a release from custody of the accused in the build up to the trial.

    They also ought to be notified of the available compensation and any community-based programs meant to help victims. While the need to see that justice is served, the law also recognizes the need to look after the welfare of the victim (Garcia-Goods & Lid, 2010). There are, as a result, a number of rights accorded to the victim to alp them recover. Among them is the compensation available to cater for the loss experienced. In cases where the victim suffers trauma, the law dictates that the victim be enrolled in a program to help the victims come to terms with the crime committed against them.

    Such rights change the role of the court administrator from just being a dispenser of justice. This role can, however, be improved by ensuring that the victim’s wellbeing is ensured in case of early pre-trial release of the accused (Funk, 2010). Rights are also implements in the jurisdiction where there are victims of serious offenses. There are great number of laws that implement statutory victims’ rights to those families who are surviving members of homicide victims, parent/guardian, relative to a minor, or an individual who is elderly, disable or incompetent.

    Furthermore, in other states a victim may exercise rights on the victims’ behalf by the victims’ representative or another person designated upon the victims request. Those crime victims who have distinctive needs their jurisdictions have created special rights along with crime victim’s general rights. Special rights are implemented when those cities have faced sexual assault, victims that are disable, victims whom are elderly, young children, domestic violence or victims that have faced stalking.

    Victims’ rights give victims a chance to be heard, understood and assisted during their time of trial and tribulation. Without victim’s rights many would be turned around, mislead or not heard. As the years progress and many issues are implemented and brought to the United States victims; rights amendments have been restored to fit this new day and age. The victim’s rights in the state of Georgia seek to look after the wellbeing of the victims. The freedoms of victims are at times forgotten with more emphasis laid on the freedoms and rights of the accused.

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