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Running on Ritalin

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Running on Ritalin was written by a psychologist, who finds himself torn over the treatment of difficult children. Dr. Lawrence H. Diller has had the opportunity to work with an array of unique children. He also has witnessed his form of profession evolve into something he is not sure he wants to be a part of. Throughout Dr. Diller’s book, he presents many cases along with his opinion and actions on them. Within Running on Ritalin, Lawrence H. Diller, M.

D. draws upon many issues that ritalin faces today and in its future.

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Running on Ritalin
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In Dr. Diller’s book, the main purpose that is expressed is to show the pros and cons of ritalin. Dr. Diller would bring up an example of ritalin use , then allowing us, the readers, to draw to our own conclusions. Though I found his personal opinion interesting and informational, at times it was over baring with negative reflection.

While reading the material in Running on Ritalin, I found that he supported his conclusions and generalizations completely.

Dr. Lawrence H. Diller always made sure to let you know what his thought process was that lead to the particular outcome . He achieved this by using clear language and by enplaning any technical terms in common language. Yet the book was not a complete bore.

Throughout Dr. Lawrence Diller’s book he states many of his personal opinions. Many of them supported with a valid source. Still I would find myself drawing to my own conclusion after reading a situation, only to be persuaded into believing his thought process. Not to say that at a majority of the times I felt that I was on the same page with the ideas of Dr. Diller.


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Running on Ritalin. (2018, Jun 30). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/running-on-ritalin-essay/

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