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Rushil Surapaneni

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Computers have led to space exploration, new designs of vehicles and other forms of transportation, increase in entertainment industry, and revolutionized medical and illogical sciences to address healthcare issues. The Television Became commercially available in an experimental basis in the late sass, popularized greatly after World War II and has become commonplace in homes, businesses, and institutions. Serves in many instances as the primary vehicle for entertainment, advertising, and news. During the sass, television became the primary medium for molding public opinion and continues to do so today.

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Rushil Surapaneni
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The Telephone First patented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell and further developed by any others; the telephone was the first device in history that enabled people to talk directly with each other across large distances. Became indispensable to businesses, government, and households, today some the of most and Has are fostered whole-wheat minefield used small appliances. Inventions as both the cellular phone and the internet are a result of the telephone system. Telephone has changed our mindset to a more complex way of thinking and continues to impact us as we move into the 21st century.

The Logic Behind the Selections Overall, it came down to what I saw was most practical and necessary for society and the modern world to exist the way it does today. Believe that the inventions I chose revolutionized the socioeconomic standing of society to the point that allowed for radical changes in thought and ideology to take place due to these inventions. See the inventions of this world allowing for society to not only grow in the present but also further advance into the future as they can be tinkered with to better optimize the potential of humankind in the long-run, whether it be technologically, socially, or economically.

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