Meaning of Christ Words ‘It Is Finished’

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The phrase “It is finished!” found in John 19:30 symbolizes the accomplishment of salvation for all humanity. It signifies that upon receiving salvation, there is no need to offer burnt offerings anymore because Christ’s death has already atoned for our sins. This act was driven by immense love for us.

This is demonstrated in John 3:16, where it declares “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son; that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life!”. This verse carries great importance for us as it establishes our connection with the Lord. The demonstration of God’s immense love towards us through this verse inspires us to reciprocate that love. Furthermore, Genesis 3:15 serves as a caution about the repercussions we will encounter due to our sins.

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By repenting and seeking forgiveness, we enable God to forgive and forget our sins. This act of forgiveness is made possible thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins as described in Romans 5:6-8. His death was not only for the righteous but also for those deemed unworthy, showcasing His triumph and extending salvation to countless lives both present and future.

According to Romans 5, Jesus died for all sinners. As we are all sinners, when Jesus says “It is finished,” it could also refer to the past prophecies about Christ’s life. One specific prophecy in Isaiah describes Jesus’ life and crucifixion. In a brief manner, Isaiah explains that Jesus suffered on our behalf throughout the night. In the morning, a sword was thrust into His side to check if He was still alive. Once water poured out of His side, we can consider it officially concluded.

Even though the era has ended, there is always a place in my heart for Jesus. This eternal connection will remain until the end times. When Jesus’ life came to an end, God symbolically tore the cloth in the temple from top to bottom. This act, only possible by God, displayed His wrath towards the world. Despite feeling sorrow for His son’s suffering, God sacrificed Himself out of immense love for humanity. We should all recognize that this is why Jesus was crucified.

This brief message carries immense importance to me. I perceive the phrase “It is finished” as an assertion that sacrifices are no longer necessary. This carries profound significance for those who believe, expressing love and providing a lesson for non-Christians to contemplate and ponder over their own existence. We all fail to meet God’s glory, but our aim is to endeavor towards emulating Him. I wholeheartedly adore my Lord and will persist in serving Him throughout my lifetime.

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