Rusty Burke vs. Don Herron: A Big Decision Essay

A battle is brewing between these two grizzled veterans of Howard fandom for a Cimmerian Award - Rusty Burke vs. Don Herron: A Big Decision Essay introduction. Both of them are nominees for a Black Circle Award for lifetime achievement.  Each has made huge contributions to Howard studies and if you are like me, you are on the longhorns of a dilemma.  I’ve yet to make my pick, but time is running out — the voting deadline is March 1st.  If you haven’t voted yet, and are a reader of the journal, mosey on over to The Cimmerian website, get a ballot and cast your vote for this award and the others.  My prediction: it’s going to be a dead heat — a 50/50 split.

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Rusty Burke vs. Don Herron: A Big Decision
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