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Sad Outlook of Society

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Lately I have noticed that society thinks the people should act and look like something that most people arent. Appearance is a main issue of society today. People look more at looks of one person more than their personality or abilities. Growing old is frowned upon and more people try to make them themselves look younger by having surgery, taking pills, or using creams. Most people dont really care about what is on the inside because they are more concerned with other superficial things that dont matter in the end.

Sometimes Im bewildered on how society reacts as if looks are the most important thing in life to life for. After reading Oscar Wildes book The Picture of Dorian Gray I started to realize when how peoples looks became a very big part of society. Some people now a days are so determined to stay young and beautiful forever that they would do anything and this passage is a good example of this goal in life.

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Sad Outlook of Society
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The passage reads: “How sad it is!” murmured Dorian Gray with his eyes still fixed upon his own portrait. How sad it is! I shall grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June. . . . If it were only the other way! If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old! For that–for that–I would give everything! Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give! I would give my soul for that!!In this story Dorian would give anything to stay young forever but everything comes with a price. The question is what you are going to have to pay for something that you want forever? In Wildes book he explains what could happen if you gave up you soul for one little superficial thing. This story is about a very handsome young man named Dorian Gray, whom had a painting made of himself by Basil Hallward. Dorian who really liked the portrait decided that you would give up his soul if the picture were to age instead of him. As the story goes on Dorians fiance actress Sybil Vane kills her self because Dorian said his love for her was gone because of one bad performance she made. Dorian was unaffected by her death. Dorian starts to become selfish and heartless. Dorian lived be two things and book sent to him by Lord Henry pretty much telling Dorians life before it happens, and the portrait of himself that grows older and becomes more ugly everyday. Frenzied about the painting he is driven to murder and deception. And everyone that falls into his hand well he was trying to return to his old self was going to go down with him. Life is full of people willing to give their soul up to be beautiful on the outside. But most people who try so hard for this, are usually shallow heartless people. In life you should try for more than looking young and beautiful but you should try to have success and to be happy. Sometimes you can never tell how someone really is because looks can be deceiving because beauty is found on the inside. Sometimes this is a really hard thing to remember but we need to try. Just because you have forever beauty or you never age does not mean you have everything. If all your life you to be young and beautiful where would that put you? Usually nowhere, there is not place to really go if you are only happy because of how you look. In life you should try to strive for more than beauty. You should try to make a life for yourself and if you find out that the person you want to be with does not love you because of how you are on the outside who needs them? You can find someone else who will love you for who you are and what you want to be on the inside. When you are lucky enough to already find and know that one person stay with them. You can age in appearances but your heart and soul will stay beautiful for the rest of you life. You just have to be true and not care about how you look because everyone is bound to age, just other will out life each other with the beauty that is found on the inside. Bibliography:

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