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Saint Pedro Calungsod Is a Filipino Roman Catholic Martyr

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While Calungsod’s importance in our country’s history is indisputable, his significance as a compelling subject for a feature length film is an entirely different matter. If the film’s narrative is anything to go on, Calungsod’s life is nothing more than a series of drudging sermons that ultimately lead to an untimely death on the beach. The film itself does its best to remain faithful to the historical events surrounding Calungsod’s missionary work, focusing on his life in the Marianas in an effort to baptize the local Chamorro natives.

But the end result feels more like a dispassionate history lesson than a compelling cinematic experience.

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Saint Pedro Calungsod Is a Filipino Roman Catholic Martyr
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Pedro Calungsod is a teenage Saint. He Was Killed in Guam at a Very Young age.But Despie his Youthfulness,he was a man of Character,he was responsible in his Duties at Catechesist,he was firm in depending his faith and he was steadfast in in shielding his friends. Saint Pedro Calungsod (c.

1654 – April 2, 1672) is a Filipino Roman Catholic martyr who was killed while doing missionary work in Guam in 1672. He was beatified on March 5, 2000, by Pope John Paul II. As a skilled sacristan and teacher of cathecism, he was a companion of Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores to the Marianas Islands. Through their efforts, many receive the sacraments especially that of baptism. A man named Choco became envious of the prestige that the missionaries were gaining among the Chamorros. He started to spread rumors that the baptismal water of the missionaries was poisonous. Because some sickly Chamorro infants who had been baptized died, many believed Choco and eventually apostatized. Choco found an ally in the local medicine man, Macanjas, and the Urritaos, young native men who were given to some immoral practices. These, along with the apostates, began to persecute the missionaries, many of whom were killed. At around seven o’clock that morning, Padre Diego and Pedro Calungsod went to the village of Tomhon in Guam because they were told that a baby girl was just born in the village. They went to ask Matapang, the child’s father, to bring the baby out for baptism. Matapang had been a Christian and a friend of the missionaries but had apostatized.

He angrily refused to have his baby christened. Those who personally knew Pedro believed that he would have defeated his aggressors and would have freed both himself and Padre Diego if only he had some weapon. But Padre Diego never allowed his companions to carry arms. The faith that was planted in the Marianas in 1668 did not die with Padre Diego, Pedro Calungsod and the first missionaries. It grew, thanks to the blood of the martyrs and the perseverance of the succeeding missionaries. Today, Blessed Pedro Calungsod intercedes for the young, in particular those of his native Philippines, and he challenges them. Young friends, do not hesitate to follow the example of Pedro, who ‘pleased God and was loved by him’ and who, having come to perfection in so short a time, lived a full life.” The feast of Blessed Pedro is celebrated every 2 April, the anniversary of his martyrdom. If the date falls within Holy Week or Easter Week, the feast is observed on the Saturday before Passion Sunday as was 2 April in 1672. On 21 October 2012, Pope Benedict XVI, in a solemn ceremony at Saint Peter’s Basilica, will inscribe the name of Blessed Pedro Calungsod in the Canon or list of Saints and from then on, the teenage Visayan martyr will be invoked as Saint Pedro Calungsod or San Pedro Calungsod.

Not so long ago, I finally came into a certain understanding that Filipino films will always be inclined into ‘melodrama’: The sappy music, intense displays of physical animation to accompany the drama, and of course, tears. It’s a nauseating phenomenon in the Philippine movie industry when absolutely done the wrong way. But thank god there are films such as “Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos” to serve as timeless testaments to the magic that ‘melodrama’ can create and manifest within one’s senses and emotions, from simple to complex, when done perfectly. The film started with Hitler’s rhyming, mouth-foaming speech regarding the strength of his socialist party. Being set in the times of the Second World War, the film unveils like how a history text book would for a student. But after this run-of-the-mill introduction, its story unfolds like how a poet affects to even the farthest of souls.

In plain sight, the film may look like your typical ‘love caught by the tides of war’ and a period vehicle for its star and producer, Nora Aunor. Granted, the love story arc is already established prior to the complications of the narrative, but I am deeply surprised and pleasured how complex the film really was.

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