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Salamanca Chapter 1 Summary



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    As I read the first page of Salamanca, I thought it was really a boring story but as I continued reading it, it becomes more interesting, I thought it wouldn’t be that interesting at all. The first chapter was all about how Gaudencio and Jacinta came to know each other. It started when Gaudencio decided to return to Jacinta Cordova, his wife of eleven days, which he abandoned in the pouring rain one early morning. The night when Gaudencio decided to return to Jacinta, he told his friend the story of his life.

    It all started when Gaudencio decided to go to Tagbaoran on the island province of Palawan where he wanted to become a teacher and a missioner. When he arrived at the place, a stooped, and possessed of explosive whooping cough old man told him about Jacinta Cordova- a woman whose beauty was such of purity and perfection. When Gaudencio introduced himself to an old woman named Herminia Cruz he was judged right away, that he only went to the place to win Jacinta’s heart, but the truth was, he only knew about Jacinta when he arrived at the place.

    Jacinta Cordova, lived in a house with a transparent walls, she had to adjust as best she could when her unearthly beauty came full force. Despite of her shyness, she bravely ignored the unbelieving stares and comments that the townspeople had thrown at her. She lives with her only left relative, her aunt who is deaf and blind, Apolinaria Vergara. When the wonder of her beauty spread, dozens of men came just to see her and hoping to win her heart, but unfortunately she ignored them all because she believed that love was destined, and would come as true as unanticipated lighting on a clear day or never come at all.

    While at the moment, Gaudencio regretted abandoning Manila when he later discovered that there was no work fitted for his nature because Mrs. Helen Brown a missioner from Kensington, Pennsylvania, who thought that her family name was a clear sign that God destined her to proclaim His means of salvation, already fulfilled the role. When Gaudencio met Mrs. Brown, she was in front of the blackboard repeating the multiplication table, with rhythm and an elongated ruler.

    Gaudencio, asking her if she needed any help, unluckily Mrs. Brown declined Gaudencio’s offer of help. After some long time, as Gaudencio was staying in Tagbaoran, his money was running out and because of that, he have to work as a laborer. He only receives a small sum but it was better for him than nothing. At work, Gaudencio have his companion named, Cesar Abalos – a good looking and swarthy man. Gaudencio first run into Jacinta Cordova when he was working for Don Salazar’s copra factory.

    During break time in his work, he would abandon his co-workers for a companionless smoke, bored with the stories that have been talked for so long. He began to walk not minding where would his feet take him, he soon found out that he was crossing a stream similar to the site of their unrepeated frenzied activity. Out of curiosity, he quickly made his way to the shallow water where he had discovered the famous glass house of the most beautiful woman in Tagbaoran.

    When Gaudencio first look inside the house, he found an old woman with a closed eyes and kneeling and thought that the rumors of the impossible beauty was exaggeration, when he continued walking around the house, he found another person – much younger – he walked closed for a better view and caught Jacinta’s gaze when she turned around and also saw him. At the moment, their gaze met through the see-through walls.

    Gaudencio felt unbearable words rise up through his body, before finally causing his hair writhe at whole paragraph, chapter’s, short stories, novellas, and novels recoiled backwards, so fusing his entire beings with unspoken expressions. For Jacinta, and invisible bolt of electricity struck her where she stood, causing her to pant. When they both regained control of their trembling bodies, was to flee from each other’s site. When Gaudencio returned to the room he rented, he savagely seizes a pen and pile of paper and began to write the words that struggled to be free.

    The following morning, Gaudencio made his way to Jacinta’s house, when he arrived he open his bag and began smearing the pace indiscriminately over the pages, working in silence, afraid that Jacinta might hear that thunderous beating of his heart. When Jacinta awoke she realized that every outer wall of her home was covered by paper that was filled with stories of love. After what she discovered, she started collecting the paper. It was Gaudencio’s way of courting Jacinta that everyday for 3 months, just before the sun rose, he would finish covering the wall of her house with the fruits of his nocturnal writing.

    Jacinta learned the name of her admirer, as he versed to be the bearer of a love that was everlasting and completely unknown to the world in its purity and perfection. Jacinta started to fall for Gaudencio –which she imagined a perfect man. But Jacinta kept Gaudencio’s presence towards Apolinaria. The storm that brought Jacinta and Gaudencio together was also fated to tear them apart. Its awful approach was announced by massive dark clouds that eclipsed the sun, converting noon into midnight and blanketing the province with such sense of foreboding.

    The townspeople of Tagbaoran prepared for the big storm. When the storm was about to approach the town, Mrs. Brown remained in the schoolhouse and listened to the gradual increase in the volume of the winds. In the glasshouse, Apolinaria told Jacinta that something terrible is going to happen. While in the large house, Cesar kept on listening to the broadcasts of their small radio, when Cesar remember about Gaudencio, he immediately went to rescue him not thinking what would be the consequences.

    At the rented room, Gaudencio was still unaware of the storm, consumed by the muse of the written word. Rain began to fall, pelting the roads and fields of the town. The house where Jacinta and Apolinaria lived trembled in the harsh downpour. Inside, the two prayed for safety. Jacinta prayed for the safety of her man of letters. As Cesar Abalos paved his way to Gaudencio’s rented house, he found Mrs. Brown. Cesar shouted to Mrs. Brown “Don’t go anywhere! I’ll get helped! ” but she replied “Putang ina mo! with red-faced, he left her spinning in place and continued to his friends residence. Gaudencio though the head slipped into a dream when he heard a voice calling out his name, it was Cesar who came to rescue him. But suddenly when they’re about to leave the house, Gaudencio remembered Jacinta, so he told his friend that he would go to Jacinta. Cesar observed him as he half walk, half swim toward him, one hand holding wet envelopes to his chest. Before they proceed to the house of Jacinta, they went to rescue Mrs. Brown.

    They followed the stream of invectives to where the albino missioner spun in place, trapped by the chaos of storm. When they got Mrs. Brown, they immediately proceeded to Jacinta’s house. Hours later, they reached the glass, Mrs. Brown exclaimed “It’s a miracle”. Jacinta saw three people coming toward her house, in an instant her hands opened the door, she rushed into the uproar of coiling wind and water. The inhuman storm swept up all four victims of outrageous passion from off their backs, buffering them in coiling cross currents as they rose off the ground, blinded by the driving rain.

    As they rose higher and higher, joining the dislodged branches, aluminum roofs, and many other things. A shift in the storm’s chaotic direction caused a startling calm around Gaudencio. Jacinta watched him begin his certain descent to the ground, shielding her eyes with one hand and reaching out to him the other. The only thing that was wrong was when she saw Gaudencio fell into animate silver. She saw only rocks that waited below as her scream was drowned by the sound of her name. Oblivious of Gaudencio’s fall and fate, the storm continued carrying them.

    When they we’re rescued, Cesar took care of Jacinta and brought her to their house because Jacinta’s house and aunt Apolinaria vanished like a bubble. It took eighteen days for the storm to exhaust itself, its last drops barely dampening. It took another fourteen days for the floods to subside and for the various rivers and waterways to return to their normal disposition. Gaudencio Rivera was persuade that he was somewhere in the regions of the dead. When he opened his eyes, he found himself completely surrounded by darkness.

    For short-lived moment, he experienced the beginnings of regret and melancholy, but it was quickly changed when he remembered Jacinta Cordova. He tried to stand and was immediately informed by its left leg that was broken. When Gaudencio Rivera miraculously reappeared three days after his fall, the townspeople who knew him were beside themselves with joy. When Cesar Abalos saw Gaudencio, he was overwhelmed and shouted to him “You’re alive!! ”. He began to tell Cesar how he defeated his fear of dark. Outside Gaudencio found Jacinta, dressed in clothes borrowed from an Abalos sister.

    The young woman’s face lit up when their eyes me. As their hands touched, he slid down to his good knee, kissed Jacinta’s moderately warm hand, and looked at her smiling face. Seized by the love and the power of the moment, he made a momentous decision. Gaudencio Rivera proposed to Jacinta Cordova, she immediately answered, “Yes”, on the same day they exchanged vows of eternal love. The next ten days of their marriage of Gaudencio and Jacinta were spent exploring the extent of their mutual passion, the house lent to them by the mayor of Tagbaoran cloaked in rising steam.

    At dawn on the eleventh day, the day before the storm finally vanished out in insignificant droplets. Jacinta woke to see Gaudencio framed by the door saying, “I hope you can forgive me someday” as he was stepping out into the downpour. Jacinta followed him and ask him, “But where are you going? ”, “I’m Sorry he s houted. “But it was wrong. This is wrong. ” Gaudencio stopped talking and walked away from Jacinta. Jacinta didn’t moved an inch as she watched her husband cross the flooded street.

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