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Sample of a Script in a Talk Show

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Talk-Show English Script Rayca: We want to sing Mark: We want to dance. Jhesmin: We want to act. Everyone: We want to ROCK!!! Mark: Welcome to Marillans Speak-Out or simply M-SPEAK where you can sing, dance, act and do whatever you wish for. l: Since we are live…pause… Where’s Sena? Jerome: Sena! Sena! Sena: You caught me ha. Well, I’m sorry. Very sorry. It’s just that im busy reading this. Rozel: What’s that? Sena: This? It’s a poem that I saw on the net.

Do you want me to read this? (Reading the poem…) Sena: This poem is written by a teenager like us.

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Sample of a Script in a Talk Show
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Whoever you are, thank you for inspiring us. And speaking of teenagers. This show is all about us! Yes us. You. Me. Us. Please watch this video so you would understand. Mark: What a wonderful video Sena! And now For the segment “I Ask you Solve” Please welcome your fellow marillians Good afternoon guys.

So how’s the set? Great huh? Anyone: It’s wonderful. I never thought that a marillan can host a show. HAHA. Rozel: Very funny. Haha. So you know our topic right? Anyone: Yes we do. Mark: Great. So our first question, being a student, how can you solve this common problems. Repeat the question twice) (Anyone can answer) Rozel: Second Question, of course you experienced having a problem. What is your greatest problem as a teenager and how did you solve it. (Repeat the question twice) (Again anyone can answer) Mark: Four our final question, for you what is the greatest problem of a teenager that even you cannot solve it. Why? (Repeat the question twice) Rozel: Thank you for visiting us! We are going back!! (Advertisement) Rayca: And now we are on at Marillans Speak-Out. Jhesmin: Do you know the show Noah?? I know. It’s a wonderful show right.

Haha. Yah! Rayca: For the segment “Don’t face the problem if your problem is your face” please welcome the human monkeys of NOAH! Jhesmin: Hello guys. We have here the translator our own staff Maria Sena Erta. Sena: Haha. Very Funny guys. Why me? Rayca: Hey hey. Relax girl. Sena: Okay fine. Whatever. Rayca: So how’s your stay here in Iloilo? (translating thing) Rayca: So you’re your having fun. DO you like someone here? (translating thing) Rayca: Uyy.. Hahaha.. I think you are cute together.. (translating thing) Rayca: Hehe. Do you love the audience? (translating thing)

Jhesmin: Why? (translating thing) Jhesmin: haha. Do you have any talents to show us? (translating thing) Jhesmin: Please take the stage (masaut si Jerome kag balz sa tunga nga mga inabno) Jhemin and Rayca: Thank u for visiting our show. We are going back. Bye!! (advertisement) Mark: Welcome back! Wow. Our show is really successful. Right Girls? Sena: It is truly. But still I hate that translating thing. Rozel: Haha. It’s okay sen. At least you’ve done your job well. Sena: IT IS NOT MY JOB!!! Jhesmin: Hey Hey. Before you start th ear let’s say goodbye. BYE!!! -the end-

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