Sample Sponsorship Letter Essay

Dear Mr. Hopper:

We are a local art club planning to initiate a weeklong art exhibition of local artists. The project is called In Sight Art that will be based in the library at SOU campus. Decoration of the place is already in progress and a team of volunteers from local schools are working on this program. You may have seen the recent article in the Shanghai Daily. I am contacting you because this project might be of your interest as an opportunity to promote your products and company through a sponsorship project.

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Sample Sponsorship Letter
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We are going to use only the lighting equipment and projection equipment of your company to exhibit the work of artists including painting, photograph and sculptural. We would give prominent publicity and advertising to all products in our exhibition such as spotlight, projector and other electronic devices.We would reserve a full page advertising space for your products in every event brochure and guidance manual. Your name or logo will be placed in prominent place.

Any other idea please discuss with us because flexibility is one of the major advantages of our club. If you want any discussion please inform us when you are free.We would also like to give you a demo of our project in case that we are truly to your interest.

Yours sincerely

Katrina Chen

In Sight Art Club: Katrina Chen

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