Sampling Design Essay

Sampling Design

The sample that is selected for market research is extremely important because the sample determines the accuracy of the results - Sampling Design Essay introduction. If the researchers ask questions about beauty soap from male participants outside a gym, the results that will be obtained will not be accurate at all because gym going males are not our target market. Also, if the right method of sampling is not selected, there may be many biases that may negatively affect the result.

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Sampling Design
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This is the reason why a sampling design has to be created for our market research. For our research, we need a sample size that is large enough to give accurate results. However, the cost factor that is associated with the sample size needs to be taken into consideration. It can not be too large because the analysis of the results needs to be in our budget. For this reason, we have decided that a total of 500 potential customers will be asked to fill out the questionnaire. These participants will be males and females belonging to middle and higher class societies. The age bracket in which these participants must fall in is 18-35.

As mentioned before, the researchers will carry out this survey outside a shopping mall. This location has been selected because the most people visiting shopping malls will fall into our participant’s specifications. The method of selection of participants would be simple random sampling. Anyone who is going into the shopping mall and is between the ages of 18 to 34 and belongs to middle or a higher class society will be asked to fill the questionnaire.

This sampling method is very easy to implement because there is not technicalities involved. In addition to this, since the people that will participate in the survey will be randomly selected and will not be manipulated in any way, our sampling design will be free from any kinds of biases and hence give accurate results.

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