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Samsung vs. Apple

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This paper aims to conduct a comparative analysis of the two huge electronics company namely Samsung electronics and Apple Inc. A thorough study of each of the company’s profile, history, major consumers and suppliers and its offered products and services. To assess the comparability different ratio analysis tool is also used. A current news that involves a significant change to the industry is also cited.

A Brief Company Profile APPLE INC:

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Samsung vs. Apple
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Established on 1977 at Cupertino California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne because of their obsession to develop and sell personal computers.

The first product released was the Apple 1 which was sold as a motherboard and was marketed for $ 666.66 on July 1976.
In January 3, 1997 it was incorporated under the name Apple Computer, Inc rolling out Wayne as an owner because he had sold his shares to the two remaining colleagues. During the incorporation Mike Markkula came out of the picture as he invested a funding of $250,000 and provided important business expertise.

After the release of Apple 1, Apple II and III were introduced on a 3 year interval from 1997 and 1980. The later was released to compete with the more stable IBM and Microsoft.
On 1980, Apple was became a publicly listed company which worth $ 22 per share.
In 1982, the release of high priced Apple Lisa give the taste of a commercial failure to Apple. However , on 1984, the damage has been mitigated and even pulled the company higher due to the launch of the first personal computer, Macintosh. Later on 1989, Macintosh Portable was introduced and this was the mark of the “first golden age” of Macintosh according to MacAddict Magazine.
The sure success of Apple started after they have shift their focus from computers to mobile devices on 2007. Despite the death of the founder CEO Steve Jobs, Apple…

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