Sandra Cisneros Essay

Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros The short story about Sandra Cisneros being the only daughter was about her herself and her family. In the beginning, Sandra talks about how she could have written her own contributors note for an anthology she was part of in more than one way and she chose to write it another. She writes a lot because of her father, and from what I understood her whole writing career she’s just tried to get his respect out of it.

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Yes, he’s glad she went to college but what’s her having a degree any good for if she doesn’t have a husband. Sandra was in college for four years and then another two in graduate school and her dad would just shake his head because she still didn’t have a husband. He thought college was only good for finding a husband. Sandra grew up in a house with six brothers and her being the only daughter so she was always alone at home because they wouldn’t be caught dead playing with a girl.

After ten years into her profession, she finally got her fathers respect when one of her stories had been published in an anthology of Chicanos writing (translated into Spanish) when she showed it to him and he read it he asked, “Where can we get more copies of this for the relatives? ” She didn’t describe how she felt when that happened but I bet she felt like if she was on top of the world!

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