Sarah Flower Design Essay

Sarah Flower Design

Sarah’s Flower Design is a small home-based company - Sarah Flower Design Essay introduction. The business of Sarah’s company could best be run by a network system that consists of a desktop computer and a personal digital assistant (PDA). The desktop computer contains a database that contains all customers’ information. A data entry station is created to at Sarah’s home, which is operated by Mark, Sarah’s assistant, to enter all customer information and orders. Customer’s information includes home addresses and special delivery instructions in addition to all order history and preference orders. This desktop computer is connected to the internet with a static internet protocol address to allow online access to the companies’ database through the internet. The database is accessed by a web page interface which directly connects to the company database to retrieve relevant customer information upon request.

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                The PDA is handled by Kim, the delivery person. The PDA has internet access to allow connection to the company’s desktop top database. While Kim is on the road making deliveries’ he could retrieve customer’s relevant information to facilitate his delivery of the order. One an order is recorded in the database by Mark, a print out is delivered to Sarah to prepare the order. The print out contains the order details in addition to customer’s previous orders and preferences. Upon completion of the order, it is picked by Kim who could access customer information through his PDA to ensure fast and smooth delivery.

SBI Corporation

Due to the nature of business of SBI Corporation in dealing with financial information, the proposed information technology (IT) system must provide efficient storage and retrieval of financial data in addition to fast numerical processing. It is suggested to use a mainframe system that contains a database to store all the company financial data and handle the huge number of retrieval and storage of company clients in addition to processing requirements of companies’ employees. The mainframe is connected to the internet to provide access to clients through the internet. Through a secure interface with each customer authenticated with passwords, clients can view and process orders on their portfolios 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A dynamic website interacts with each customer to allow him the processing of different services concerning his portfolio. Company employees with the four different satellite offices that are spread out in the south west of the United States can access company database through the internet still. Each employee gain access to the company website through the internet where s/he could gain access to the main company database and correspondence system.

The twenty employee that travel two to four times a week between the company headquarters and the satellite offices are provided with personal digital assistant (PDA) or notebook computers depending on their required level of access to the system. The notebook computers connect through the cellular network system to the internet to gain access to the company webpage and applications provided on the company’s mainframe. PDAs can access the company mainframe database system and correspondence system through similar connection through the internet.

Helping Hands League

Helping hands limited budget suggest a desktop computer system to be run at the main office of the company. This computer would enable its operator to enter clients’ information including their needs and special demands. The operator also enters the volunteers’ information including their time schedule and special requirements. A specialized software system would be designed to match the time and special demands of clients and volunteers. The system would also maintain a record of events in addition to calculation of tax information. The system would output its information on paper and the data would be stored on DVDs periodically for archiving. Clients and volunteers interact with the company through its operator using the telephone and cellular media.

John (up-and-coming Jazz Singer)

                John, the up-and-coming jazz singer and song writer needs a notebook computer system to take care of his musical and personnel interests. The notebook would be complimented with an audio system consisting of a speaker and microphone system. The notebook system would provide the mobility needed by a singer so that he could take with him and connect to his musical instrument for recording and analysis. On his notebook he could listen to the audition recordings of session musicians interested in playing with him on his album. He would use his notebook computer which is equipped with a software interface to record and produce music. The notebook system connects to the internet through dial-up or DSL connection. John could keep his financial records on the notebook through the use of a word processor or small database system.

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