Scarlet Letter Character Development Research Paper Essay

Scarlet Letter ( Character Development ) Essay, Research Paper

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Scarlet Letter Character Development Research Paper Essay
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Writers use character development to demo how a individual can alter - Scarlet Letter Character Development Research Paper Essay introduction. Through a descriptive portraiture of a charter and their development they become existent to the reader. A well-developed character stirs up emotions in the reader devising for a powerful narrative. A individual can alter for better or worse and Nathaniel Hawthorne shows this thru the character development of Hester, Chillingworth, and Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter.

We can see how Hester begins altering even from the beginning of The Scarlet Letter. As the narrative starts Hester begins to develop a stronger and more rebellious attitude, which can be seen by the manner she decorates the A that represents the sedate wickedness of criminal conversation she has committed ( p44 ) . As the book advancement we see Hester turn even stronger by the manner she supports herself, her child born of wickedness, and helps the hapless and ill out of the earnestness of her bosom. Finally near the terminal of the novel we see the rebellious side of Hester evolve, symbolized by her projecting the Scarlet missive to land, as she takes control of her household, plans for flight, and a life as portion of a household with the adult male she loves ( p173 ) .

That adult male who Hester loves so profoundly, Mr. Dimmesdale besides undergoes major alterations due the wickedness he bears. In the beginning of the book we see this adult male s failing and involuntariness to squeal sin even as he begs Hester the individual he committed his wickedness with to come Forth with her other parties name ( p56 ) . As The Scarlet Letter progresses we see Dimmesdale go weaker physically and his spiritual addresss go even stronger so that his fold begins to rever

e him. For a big portion of the fresh Dimmesdale has been on a downward spiral in footings of mental and physical wellness thanks to a alleged friend who was issued to take attention of Mr. Dimmesdale, so because of a talk with Hester he is revitalized and given the power to make something, which he could non for seven long old ages. At the terminal of the fresh Dimmesdale is eventually able to acknowledge his household in public and squeal his wickedness before all let go ofing the wickedness he held so long hidden in his bosom ( p218, 219 ) .

Mr. Chillingworth as can be seen at the beginning of the novel is a good individual but is besides slightly oblique because he changes his name. Mr. Chillingworth s good side is seen as he takes attention of Pearl and Hester with merely good purposes even though Hester has partially wronged him ( p62 ) . As the book progresses he becomes near to reverend Dimmesdale and is issued to take attention of him due to his sallow province. Because of the clip he spends with Dimmesdale he finds out Dimmesdale s secret and how to play him psychologically. Chillingworth s lecherousness for retaliation turn him to an evil individual and finally destroys him in the terminal.

Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth are all good developed in The Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne demoing strengths and failings of the characters draws you closer to Hester, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth, and makes you love or hate them. Hawthorne makes Hester, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth go existent to the reader through their development giving you a better sense of his characters. Making the characters of a fresh existent to the reader is of import to them interested in what will go on following and Hawthorne did this in The Scarlet Letter.

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