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School Life in High school

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High school is a combat zone. Perhaps in reality, high school is wisdom in all shapes and forms. High school is one of the immense steps to your future. From blondes to redheads, and albinos to bronzed beauties, everyone is different and most people accept this. Most students nowadays are not stereotypical because they are used to the multicultural environment. Generally cliques are formed from old friends to nerds to jocks to the unknown and to the popular people. Independence comes from responsibility, age and attitude.

Students today are not stereotypical because of the multicultural environment that they live in. This is because of the friends they make. Friends are usually the ones that support and have faith in each other. It is also because they see with their own eyes. For an example, people used to say that blondes are stupid and don’t have common sense, but because they see a blonde in enriched math or French class also getting great marks, they know that looks and cloths do not make the person.

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School Life in High school
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Cliques are typically formed by different types of people. Usually what people see when they think of “clique” is table with beautiful girls and 6 pack guys, but that is actually not true. Cliques are usually formed by people who enjoy each other’s company and don’t mind the fact that their best friend may be popular but they themselves are not. Some people may ask me, what is a clique? And I would always answer; a clique is a group of friends who hang out and like talking to each other. It is also a group of friends that don’t care about the fact that one maybe popular and one maybe a geek, they just care about the fact that they can trust each other.
Independence is usually received from your attitude towards responsibilities and age. This is because the older you get, most parents do believe that since you are growing older, you’ve matured and experienced enough to become independent. Parents believe this fact because it is true. The older you get, the.

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