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What is missing from Sheeba’s scientific investigation? n experiment that takes initial and final measurements a specific hypothesis to test with a controlled experiment experimental data that can be recorded and analyzed test subjects willing to participate in the experiment Question 10 (Worth 1 points) [01.

03]Which of the following statements about science is true? Science is built on opinions and assumptions. Science tests the validity of philosophy, and religion. Science is tested and retested through experimentation. Science proves facts about the world around us.

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Question 11 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03JAngie designs an experiment to investigate how different types of usic affect the height of plant growth. She plans to place the same type of plant in different rooms and play different types of music in each room. Her hypothesis predicts that the plants exposed to rock music will grow the tallest in a given amount Of time. What will be the experiment’s dependent variable? the final height of the plants in each room the type of music played in each room the amount of sunlight in each room the type of plants used in each room Question 12 (Worth 1 points) [01. 3]A product advertized on television claims it can “erase skin blemishes and wrinkles in 90 days or your money back. The best way to increase the scientific reliability of this claim would be to have an independent research organization test the product and record the results. a famous actor or actress endorse the product. advertisements in well respected beauty and fashion magazines. before and after pictures featured in the advertisement. Question 13 (Worth 1 points) [1. 03]You want to investigate how the color of light affects the growth of plants.

The best resource for reliable scientific information to help you with your hypothesis would be a(n) book on the species of plants grown in your area magazine article on gardening rticle documenting experiments with their results website containing information about light soun:es Question 14 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]A scientist in America and a scientist in Italy both conducted independent investigations that produced similar results. What does this mean about the data that was collected? The scientists will have to compete for the credit for this discovery.

The results are considered more reliable because they Were documented by multiple Sources. The scientific community will vote on the name of the theory in order to make things fair. The results are automatically considered a law because they were proven by wo different groups. Points earned on this question: O Question 15 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]Sue conducts a series of experiments to investigate the effects of CIV radiation on bacteria growth. In order to verify and strengthen her findings, she asks another scientist to conduct the same experiments in an independent investigation.

The results of the second investigation are expected to be similar because the same procedure is followed in each investigation. different because they are being conducted by a different scientist. similar because the second scientist will make sure the results atch. different because the scientists are in competition. Question 16 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]Tyrese is in a hardware store. He hears a large crash and turns toward the noise. He sees a toddler walking by an overturned cart. Tyrese states that “the toddler knocked over the cart. ” His statement is an inference because he did not observe the cause of the crash. n inference because he blamed it on someone else. an observation because he saw the cause of the crash. an observation because he heard the cart turn over. points earned on this question: O Question 17 (Worth 1 points) [01. 3]Which of the following is an example of a scientific inference? The insect probably released a sticky liquid because it is upset and trying to defend itself. The butterfly has bright colors that make it easy for me to see when it lands on a plant. The ants live in colonies and they follow trails to find possible food sources. The bee stung me on the arm after I waved my hands trying to scare it away.

Points earned on this question: O Question 18 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]Scientists often investigate alternative explanations for the data and observations presented, even once a hypothesis has been tested and upported through an experiment. This investigation of alternative explanations keeps the scientific community competitive and motivated. strengthens the evidence and support for a scientific theory. demonstrates that scientific theories are based on opinions. proves that scientific theories are not able to be disproven. Points earned on this question: 1 Question 19 (Worth 1 points) [01. 3]A scientist working at a pharmaceutical company is conducting a research project on a new medicine that will be used to treat the common cold. Why is it important for the scientist to keep accurate notes about his investigation? Accurate notes are required to prove that he is the one who discovered the treatment. Accurate notes will help other scientists conduct more experiments to evaluate the results. Accurate notes are necessary for experiments conducted on human subjects. Accurate notes will help to ensure that no one copies his experimental methods. Points earned on this question: 1 Question 20 (Worth 1 points) [01. 3]After analyzing rock core samples in an area with frequent earthquakes, many geologists believe a severe earthquake will occur in the area in the next 50 to 80 years. Other geologists, however, believe that such a rediction cannot be determined from the data collected. If these two groups of scientists have access to the same data, how can they form such different hypotheses? Geologists manipulate data to fit their hypotheses, which results in different conclusions. Scientific predictions must list every possible outcome to make sure that they are never incorrect.

Geologists have different specialties that can cause them to interpret data differently. Scientific hypotheses need to be proven many times, so predictions of earthquakes are probably incorrect. Points earned on this question: 1 Question 21 (Worth 1 points) 01. 03]Environmental Scientists and Marine Biologists study an Oil spill and predict the levels of damage expected to the organisms in the ecosystem. How do the scientists’ different backgrounds and specializations affect the predictions that the team makes? They weaken the predictions because of the different points of view of the scientists.

They weaken the predictions because the scientists will never agree. They strengthen the predictions by presenting different perspectives and inferences. They strengthen the predictions by adding more opinions from which to choose. Points earned on his question: O Question 22 (Worth 1 points) [01. 02]Which of the following is an example of a scientific theory? Scientists use three mathematical laws to predict the movement of planets in the solar system. Scientists observe the effect of climate changes on plants and primary producers living in the ocean.

Scientists use the relationship between the DNA of various species to estimate how long ago they diverged evolutionarily from each other. Scientists agree that there is an amount of attraction between any ty. ‘0 objects, called gravity, and can describe the attraction in mathematical terms. Points earned on this question: O Question 23 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]What do scientists use to estimate how long ago various groups of organisms diverged evolutionarily from one another? time lines molecular clocks carbon dating fossils Question 24 (Worth 1 points) [01. 3]Which statement best describes scientific theories? Scientific theories are educated guesses made by scientists. Scientific theories are explanations based on data and investigation. Scientific theories are based on opinions and beliefs. Scientific theories are facts that describe natural events. Points earned on Question 25 (Worth 1 points) 01. 03]The Atomic Theory states that protons and neutrons are packed closely together in a small nucleus and electrons are found surrounding that nucleus. Which of the following statements explains why this is considered to be a scientific theory?

It is an educated guess that has been voted on by the majority of the scientific community. is the best explanation because it is a culmination Of many scientific investigations. It is a scientific hypothesis that has been proven by more than one experiment. It is the best explanation because it supports the beliefs and opinions of most scientists. Points earned n this question: O Question 26 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]Which of the following statements contains supporting evidence for the Big Bang Theory? Evidence, like the light elements throughout the universe, shows that the universe is continually expanding.

Scientists have been able to reproduce the same conditions that were present at the moment the universe began. The Big Bang has been reproduced in a laboratory setting by more than one group of scientists. A majority of the scientific community agree that the Big Bang Theory is the best explanation for the origin of the universe. Points earned on this question: O Question 27 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]Observation and experimentation have led many scientists to accept a theory about the origin of the universe. This theory is called the Big Bang Theory.

Scientific evidence collected and observed by scientists around the world suggests that the universe is ever expanding from a hot and dense initial state. What makes this a scientific theory? It has been proven to be scientific fact through all the experiments and investigations. It is based on the beliefs and opinions of the majority of the scientific community. It is an observation of the natural world that has been proven as fact. It is based on many scientific investigations and is accepted by the majority of the scientific community. Points earned on this question: O Question 28 (Worth 1 points) [01. 3]The scientific law of conservation of mass states that the total amount of mass in an isolated system remains constant. This means that the atoms present before a reaction are still present at the end of a reaction, they are just rearranged to form new molecules and compounds. This is a scientific law because it describes what happens without attempting to explain why. is based on mathematics instead of on experimentation. as a theory that was verified by enough scientists to become a law. was proven by the scientific community and can no longer be changed.

Points earned on this question: 0 Question 29 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]Which statement best represents scientific laws? Scientific laws are statements that contain scientists’ opinions of how the world works. Scientific laws are factual statements that explain why certain natural phenomena occur. Scientific laws are theories that have been tested, proven, and adopted as laws. Scientific laws are descriptions Of observed phenomenon, generally accepted as facts. Points earned on this question: O Question 30 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03JWhat is the relationship between a scientific theory and a scientific law?

A theory becomes a law after years of experimentation. A law becomes a theory after it is verified by scientists around the world. A law describes what happens but a theory explains why it happens. A theory is a mathematical prediction but a law is an explanation. Points earned on this question: O Question 31 (Worth 1 points) [01. 03]Which of the following is true of a scientific theory? It attempts to explain why things happen the way they do. It never changes once it is discovered. It is tested over time until it becomes a scientific law. It only describes what happens, not why it happens.

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