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Science in Civil Engineering

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Chapter 1

1.1 Background of the study
Palawan State University is one of the excellent universities in Palawan. It has branches on selected municipalities situated both on the Northern and Southern part of the province of Palawan. For many years in academe, they have been providing first-rate education to the Palaweños. Today, it has seven colleges. This institution is also capable of supplying good professionals.

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Science in Civil Engineering
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The College of Engineering Architecture and Technology intended to develop students in becoming professionals. Its duty is on the preparation of the student to become successful Engineers and Architects.

One of the curriculums offered by this college is Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Its obligation is to present excellent and competitive Civil Engineers. Because of this, the faculty members have been bestowed of the responsibility to build-up such professionals. As an incoming graduating student, we would also like to know what our future holds by discovering the achievements of our predecessors.

Tracer study is an impact assessment tool where the “Impact on target groups is traced back to specific elements of a project or programme so that effective and ineffective project components may be identified.

” This tracer study gives us information about the conditions of a certain topic by going back to its origin. It’s like studying history, the researchers won’t know what, where, when or who it is without reverting to the beginning. The tracer study on the civil engineering graduates from year 2007 to 2011 of Palawan State University leads to determine the present employment status of its alumni. It will also verify whether the professions of the graduates are related to their completed course; also, if they are employed, unemployed, under-employed or self-employed. 1.2 Statement of the Problem

1. Who are the civil engineering graduates of Palawan State University starting from year 2007-2011? 2. What is the current employment status of
the said civil engineering graduates? 3. Is the acquired knowledge from the University gave assistance to the graduates in their current carrier? 4. Is the present profession of the graduates related to civil engineering? 1.3 Objectives of the Study

In concluding this study, the researchers aimed to accumulate relevant information for the purposes of evaluating the quality of programs and services provided by the educational institution. General: To identify who are the graduates of Palawan State University from year 2007-2011 and their current employment status. 1. To know if the university impart in yielding productive professionals. 2. To distinguish the ratio of the Civil Engineering graduates who passed and failed the board exam. 3. To know whether the Civil Engineering Instructors satisfy the CE graduates by their way of teaching if they have given enough, insufficient or excessive effort in helping the civil engineering students. 4. To verify if the acquired education in terms of knowledge and trainings benefited the graduates in their career. 1.4 Significance of the study

This study was deemed significant for it benefit the following sectors and group of persons: To the Palawan State University Administrative Officials, this is significant to them for it will help them cite the needed improvements in the existing academic curriculum and programs, and in designing new programs. To the Faculty, this study will help the educators or instructors in helping their new students to become a more skilled future Civil Engineer knowing that their previous students became successful. If their former students turn out to be incompetent, this will encourage the instructors see the challenge to teach better. To the Parents of the current and upcoming students of the university, this study will be of help to the parents by serving as their guide in motivating their children to be sincere in their chosen course for at the end of the five-year-journey in college, employment is ensured.

To the Students, this will serve as their drive in studying harder to pursue their dreams, to become successful engineers and to know if the knowledge and trainings associated in the university is a very effective tool in their approaching profession. To the Researchers, this study will let the researchers gain more knowledge with regards to Civil Engineering profession. It will also help the researchers be connected to the CE graduates which may help them in their future career. To the future Researchers, this will serve as an important reference for them especially the research topic which is related to tracing. It will also make them see the significance of tracer study and why it should be researched. 1.5 Scope and Delimitation

This study was undertaken essentially to trace the whereabouts of civil engineering graduates of Palawan State University. This study limits its coverage in the graduates of Civil Engineering, either board passers or not from year 2007 to 2012 only. One of the reasons by setting limit is; if graduates of year 2006 and below were included, the number of graduates is vast. It is impractical; time consuming considering that the researchers’ resources is only limited.

This study also considers certain aspect of the graduates’ personal information that has an impact on Palawan State University’s reputation in terms of providing quality education. In collecting data, social networking sites will be used as an instrument since it is possible that some of the graduates already migrated in other places. Another source of data will be the school records found in CEAT and School Admin. 1.6 Assumption of the Study

The researchers assume that 50% of the CE graduates got a career. Since Civil Engineering is a five year course which is said to be of quality course, most of the graduates were still able to find a reliable work even if they’re not a licensed Civil Engineer. One of the reasons is that many construction sites are in progress and emerging nowadays.

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Science in Civil Engineering. (2016, Jul 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/science-in-civil-engineering/

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