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Scientific Method and Inductive Argument B.

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Business Research Quiz I/ Week-4 Total Points: 12 Total Questions: 20 Allowable time: 90 minutes Use black or blue font only for answer 1. Consider the following example: “Retail sales in the 2005 season were below projections. Sales were disappointing because consumers were not confident about economic growth. ” This is an example of _____ a. X an inductive argument b. ( an deductive argument c. an empirical argument d. ( an factual argument. 2.

The acronym, RFP, stands for ____ and refers to the document used to invite research firms to propose ideas of addressing the research needs of the organization.

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Scientific Method and Inductive Argument B.
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a. X request for proposal b. ( required frequency population c. ( research firm proposal d. ( recognition of problem 3. Consider the following statements: “Inner-city household interviewing is especially difficult and expensive. This survey involves substantial inner-city household interviewing. The interviewing of this survey will be especially difficult and expensive. This is an example of ____ a. ( an empirical argument b. ( an inductive argument c. ( an exposition d. X an deductive argument 4. In a restaurant complaint study, Dr.

Jackson used deception to avoid biasing the participants. In this situation, what should Dr. Jackson do once the research is complete? a. ( Apologize b. ( Pay the participants c. X Debrief the participants d. ( Seek psychological attention for the participants 5. Stages of research process comprised of: a. ( Clarifying the research questions b. ( Proposing research c. Designing research d. ( Data collection and preparation e. ( Data analysis and interpretation f. ( Reporting result g. X All the above h. ( None of the above 6. Primary data are gathered by the individuals in the following way: a. ( Interview b. ( Survey questionnaires c. ( Focus group d. ( Observations e. X All be above f. ( None of the above

7. The problem or opportunity that requires a business decision is called the ____ a. ( research questions b. ( management-research question hierarchy c. X management dilemma d. ( management question . What is the scientific thinking for developing hypothesis? Answer by a flow diagram. 9. Which of the following hypotheses is a null hypothesis? a. X There is no difference in the monthly grocery bills of families with one child and families with two children b. ( Grocery bills vary according to the number of meals eaten outside the home c. ( Families with three children have significantly higher grocery bills than families with one child d. ( There is a relationship between grocery bills and the number of people in a household. 0. Which of the following hypotheses is an alternate hypothesis? a. ( There is no relationship between GPA and drinking behavior among college students b. ( Seniors are no more likely than freshmen to binge drink c. X Men are more likely to binge drink than women d. ( Athletes and non-athletes are equally likely to binge drink 11. Signs associated with hypothesis: a. Hull hypothesis is associated with equality signs (=, (, () X True or ( False b. Alternate hypothesis is associated with inequality signs ((, >,

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