Security Breach at Tjx Essay

MMIS 684 Information Security Management Assignment 3 Assignment 3 requires you to critically review the assigned case study and write a report to address the following questions. Question 1. Kindly provide a review of the case. Question 2. What do you consider to be the points of failure in TJX’s information security? Identify and explain at least three failure points. Question 3. How should information security at TJX be improved? Identify and explain at least three priorities. Question 4. Was TJX a victim of ingenious cyber crooks or did it create risk by cutting corners?

Kindly justify your position. Kindly make sure that your submission is organized according to the above listed three questions. Specifications for the assignment 1. Length of the paper a. Maximum length = 2,500 words (not including references and appendices) 2. The general text of the paper, excluding headings and title, should be written with following format specifications a. Font: Times New Roman b. Font Size: 12, regular c. Line spacing: double spaced d. Alignment: left e. Margins (inches): Left: 1. 25; Right: 1. 25; Top: 1; Bottom: 1 3.

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Security Breach at Tjx
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Do not forget to write your name as a header on each page. a. Font: Times New Roman; b. Font size: 9 regular c. Right aligned 4. Please enter page number as footer for each page. 5. Submit the assignment as Word document (and not pdf extension). 6. Do not attach Certificate of Authorship. Do remember that you are required to submit original work only. Plagiarism is a serious offence and would be dealt with as per University rules. Note: If you fail to meet the above specifications, your assignment submission would not be graded, and you would be awarded a zero. 1

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