Self Reflection Report of Teaching Practicum Essay

Preface: Teacher education programs are designed to develop professionals who are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century classrooms and workplace. To this end, then teacher education program must aim to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes of teachers to prepare them to teach effectively in the schools systems. It is, therefore, argued that the academic program of the teacher education should be coupled with an important and integral component called school -based experiences i.e. practicum which provides students with supervised experiences and help the student teachers to understand the full scope of teachers role.

Many have also suggested that these experiences are very powerful in shaping teachers as they are real …show more content…

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Self Reflection Report of Teaching Practicum
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The experience is meant to broaden teaching experience, allow seeing pedagogy from a different perspective, and further shaping student’s philosophy about effective teaching. Also micro teaching allowed the students’ to become acquainted with the class room environment dealing with students of different levels and getting used to with diverse teaching methods.

Furthermore, it allowed the students’ to observe other learner-teachers as well as write reports on what they did good and the areas of improvement after a very detailed and constructive discussion over the methods implied by them. Imperatives of teaching practicum course in BIL: Quality practice within the practicum component of pre-service teacher education programs were high related to the preparation of quality teaching professionals. With regard to quality practicum program I have identified the following characteristics of quality practice within the practicum component of TESOL program of BRAC University to be as follows: • Integrates theoretical knowledge and professional practice across the three domains of a teacher education program; ‘content’ knowledge gained through a liberal education, professional knowledge, pedagogical skills and insights. • is designed and implemented within a partnership involving teacher education institutions (TEIs), schools, school systems and relevant professional bodies • articulates clear and progressive stages for the development of the acquired knowledge, skills, .

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