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Sentences and Paragraphs Penn Foster

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Paragraph 1
I have applied for a position as a Medical Transcriptionist at Arrowhead Hospital to get back into the medical field. When I graduated from High School, I decided that I wanted to be a Medical Assistant. At that time, I was employed by a company that was in the business of building houses. Once I graduated with my Associates Degree in Medical Assisting, I decided that I wanted to take my medical career further and continued my education with a course in Surgical Technology.

Upon completion of my course work in the Surgical Technology program I was required to complete an externship at Phoenix Children’s Hospital within the pediatric neurosurgery department. This was an extremely challenging task as emotionally, I was not ready to deal with the emotional impact of helping babies that were so ill and sometimes terminal. I completed my externship and graduated from the program and at that time, I decided to continue my employment in the homebuilding business.

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Sentences and Paragraphs Penn Foster
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In 2005, the real estate market started to take a turn for the worse and my position in homebuilding was eliminated. Shortly after this, I started a family and made the choice to stay at home with my children while they were young. I am now ready to re-enter the workforce and my past experience in the medical field complements the training that I have received as a Medical Transcriptionist.

Paragraph 2

My supervisor Ms. Sylvester is currently looking for an assistant here at Value Place. While you are accustomed to working in the retail department as a cashier, I feel you would be an excellent asset to this company. You have excellent organizational skills and are a motivated self-starter. You’re past accomplishments and experiences with co-workers and employers are a true testament to your dedication to your position and will get you far with this company. This company has first-rate benefits as well as a retirement package and a free gym membership. In addition, the company will pay your tuition at a college of your choice to further your education as it relates to this position. This will give you an opportunity to advance within the company. The pay is five dollars an hour more than you currently make and is closer to your apartment. I really feel like you would be a
good fit with the company and I strongly urge you to apply. This position will be posted on the internet this week. If you would like to apply, please let me know so that I can inform Human Resources. I hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to possibly working with you.

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