Sequel to the Dangerous Games Essay

Rainsford headed home to his family, but ever since the “Man Hunt” he has been a different man - Sequel to the Dangerous Games Essay introduction. He acted differently ever since he came back home. He kept himself; he always was in his study, and just sits there. All his meals got sent to his study. He lost his job because he never came in. The family was running low on food, and they needed someone to go out hunting. Rainsford wife went out hunting for food. Sooner or later Rainsford wife divorced him, because he did nothing around the house but stay in his study. A doctor came to his house because his ex-wife got worried of him, because he had never left the house.

The doctor examined him, and realizes he was paralyzed from shock. Apparently the shock of him living kicked in a little bit too late. It was a year of penalization for him. He lost everything, his job, his kids, and his wife. He swore that he will get revenge on Whitney. He planned and planned for months and months on his revenge. He finally thought of a brilliant idea of how to get revenge. He sent out an invitation letter to Whitney to come to his place and visit. It took about a week for any reply to come but Whitney finally replied and said he would come to his place, and visit; he will be there a week after he gets this letter.

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A week went by and there was a knock at the door, and when Rainsford answered the door Whitney was standing there. “Thank you for coming sir Whitney” Rainsford said “Same to you. Um… Where can I lay my bags? ” Whitney replied. “Oh just go down the hallway last room to the left. ” “Thank you” Whitney said while walking down the hallway. Dinner time came by and Rainsford cooked up a big meal for just the two of them. Whitney was shocked and surprise of how much food Rainsford had made for the both of them. “Are you really thinking that you and I will eat all of this?

” Whitney questioned. “Oh no, I know that we both can’t eat all this up in one night, but it will be good for leftovers for tomorrow. ” “Oh” Whitney said taking a seat at a chair at the end of the table. “Now Whitney, I called you here to offer you an opportunity. ” “Like what kind of opportunity? ” Whitney asked in a confused tone. “The same opportunity you gave to me a couple years back. I got really interested in the game we played awhile back ago, and well I thought well why not play it again but this time I am the hunter” Rainsford said with a grin on his face.

Whitney started to cough as if he had something stuck to his throat, and then wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Well I am not too fond of that game anymore. Ever since you beat me I started to fade out of that phase” Whitney replied to Rainsford. “Oh but you must play. Just one game is all I am asking for, and if you don’t accept well I will just kill you then” Rainsford grin became wider on his face. “Are you threatening me sir Rainsford? ” Whitney said with a scared tone. “Don’t think of it as a threat, think of it more like you have to.

” “Sir Rainsford, with all due respect, this conversation is becoming more of a threat and I can get you arrested for that. ” “I lost everything because of you: My beautiful wife, my gorgeous kids, and my job. I think you do owe it to me to play just one game. If you win then you can have everything in my house, but if you lose well you get my drift. ” Whitney started to shiver you could tell by the look on his face that he was shocked but also scared. Whitney knew he had no choice to play the game. So he took the opportunity, even knowing that this was more like a threat and a abuse.

“Good choice. We will start the games tomorrow after breakfast. Now run along to your room, I will awaken you when the sunrises. ” Whitney quietly stood up and walked to the room where he would be staying for the night. He was in the room for about five minutes when he heard someone walking down the hallway. Then his door locked from the outside, he knew Rainsford did so, so he couldn’t escape. Whitney saw a telephone on the desk in his room and tried to dial 911, but the cords were cut. He knew his life was at risk and there was no way around it.

Next morning Rainsford unlocked Whitney’s door and awoken him up exactly at the time he said he would. They both walked down to the dining room and had the breakfast in silence. When breakfast was done they put up the dishes and Rainsford told Whitney to wait in the living room for him. Whitney walked slowly to the living room looking back to see if Rainsford was following, but he wasn’t. Whitney sat quietly in the living room when he noticed that the front door was just a couple of feet away from him, he could easily run out the door and get help, but when he tried to open it the door was locked.

“Where are you thinking about going to? Sit please. ” Rainsford commanded Whitney. “Now I will go over the rules for you. I will give you 1 hour to hide within the forest behind this house. When the hour is up I will go searching for you. You will be sent out with no weapon, and no food or water. I will need to find you and capture you within three days to win. However if you survive the three days, without me capturing you and/or dying by natures predators, then you shall win. I will not use any hound dogs or any sort of stuff like that to track you down.

There is an electrical fence around the forest just in case you try to escape. Do you understand? ” “Yes sir. ” “Now be gone, but remember you only got an hour before I come looking for u” Whitney dashed through the forest, trying to run to the end of the forest. Whitney thought of a clever idea of how to survive three whole days in the forest. His plan was to stay near the sides of the forest, near the electrical gates but not touching them, and walk around counter clockwise. He had thought that Rainsford will never guess of checking the sides.

An hour came by and Whitney heard a flair gun, meaning the game has started. Whitney was calm for the first hour or so, he kept on thinking of how Rainsford could find him without no hound dogs or such forth. Whitney was walking for hours and hadn’t stopped yet, he grew thirsty and hungry. He knew he had to find a stream of somewhat. Meanwhile, Rainsford was walking by foot with a shot gun in his hands. He walked quietly and in slowly, he was observant of his surroundings. Now Rainsford knew this forest like he knew the back of his hand, and he knew Whitney knew nothing about survival.

It came dark and weary outside, he couldn’t see a thing. He then tripped over a rock and land in a stream. “Finally” he thought to his self, “a stream. Now I can fill my thirst up. ” When Whitney felt like he had enough to drink he started to think how is he going to get food? He wondered how he could even catch anything without a weapon. Whitney was getting tired and weak so he made a bed of leaves on the ground, and slept beside the stream. Day two arrive and Whitney was still alive. Whitney woken up by the sunrise’s rays hitting his face. He opened his eyes and right when he did he heard someone walking.

He knew Rainsford was close and he had to get out of there. So he walked quietly and slowly away. Rainsford woken up and packed up his things, he slept on a thin blanket that he brought with him and covered himself up with leaves. Rainsford started to grow hungry; he couldn’t hunt with an empty stomach. So Rainsford searched for food, he made a spear out of wood so he could kill animals without Whitney hearing it. Right when Rainsford got done making his spear a squirrel rushed by. He quickly threw the spear at the squirrel and hit it right in the head. Rainsford had no time to cook it so he ate it raw.

Whitney started to feel sick to his stomach. “Maybe it was from that stream, I knew I shouldn’t of drank out of that stream when I couldn’t even see if it look good or not! ” He yelled to himself. Whitney heard something and turned around, and when he turned around he saw Rainsford, with a shotgun pointing at his head. “Any last words before I shoot you? ” Rainsford asked Whitney, but before Whitney could say a word Rainsford shot him right through the brains. Rainsford felt satisfied and carried Whitney to a fire pit, where he burned his body. Rainsford now could feel peaceful in his life. The End.

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