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Serpico is a police officer in the early 1970s. He fought the corruption that been happening around him. He made that clear from the first day he became a police officer. He didn’t make any bond with any one because they think he is a rat. His life was in danger by threats by other police officer for being a rat, and seemed help from a higher authority but there was not help. But, that didn’t stop him from keep fighting corruption to the end.

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He reported every corruption he witnessed to his superiors, the District Attorney’s office, and outside authority. All of his tries were ignored on pursue. After that he befriended a reporter that works for the New York Times. An article about the corrupt activities of the NYPD appeared on the front page of the New York Times. The article ushered in one of the biggest scandals in NYPD history, and pushed then-mayor of New York City created the Knapp Commission Report to investigate police corruption.

Peer and social pressure can lead a good cop to be a bad one. Thanks to Serpico his undercover work paid off and it push the Knapp commission to take a serious a step to fix the police activities. They did put a cretin classes that now we can say that to the corruption to a “Grass Eater” which is simply means a police officer’s accept payoffs that everyday work exposed them to. When a “Meat Eater” means they go them self to get paid off where they use extortion and duress the criminals so they can get their benefits.

That act usually involves mobsters or mafia members, gangs, store owners, and even the cops themselves sometimes. Serpico help shed a light on what happen when a new police officer joined the organization, and how he would feel the pressure of the system that he should joined the group kind of thing, because he need the support from the others. By refusing and reporting everything to highest authority from inside and out; he changed the way police work today.

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Serpico. (2016, Nov 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/serpico-3/

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