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Sex Addiction In the world we live in, sex is becoming a huge part of our society - Sex Addiction Essay introduction. Back in time, sex was not talked about at all and no one taught anything sex related. It was not until the 1960’s that sex started to become more of an interesting topic. The young girls who were more promiscuous than others in this time were called flappers. They dressed very scandalously and participated in sexual acts. Not every girl during this time was into being a flapper. There was a very small amount of rebellious women who partook in this sex outbreak.

Looking back around this time and fast-forwarding to present time, there is such a difference. Today sex is all that we talk about. Sex is everywhere: on the TV, on posters, on cigarette packages, on school supplies, on cars, or magazines and mostly on the Internet. Sex is the number one topic searched on the Internet (Statistics on Sexual Addiction. N. d. ). Sex is everywhere, but at what point does the looking, thinking or engaging in sex too much become sexual addiction? Sexual Addiction is a progressive intimacy disorder in which someone is always thinking about or doing sexual things.

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This could include compulsive masturbation or extensive use of pornography, phone or computer sex services. Some sex addicts can even be addicted to illegal activities involving sex such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, obscene phone calls or child molestation/ rape (Statistics on Sexual Addiction. N. d. ). People who are addicted to sex bring the fun of sex to a whole other lever. Researchers have found that most sex addicts come from dysfunctional families. Statistics state that about 82% of sex addicts reported being sexually abused as a child.

Some children who are missing one of the parents in their lives while growing up are more likely to partake in sexual activity to try and fill the spot where that parent should be. “Some sex-addicted people grew up feeling neglected by family so most of the time they are seeking to be loved. Gradually sex becomes a replacement act to turn to in times of any kind of need, from escaping boredom, to feeling anxious, or to being able to sleep at night. The child may repeatedly turn to masturbation for escape” (Sexual Addiction in AllPsych Journal. N. d.

) In other cases, if girls go through their entire life not knowing their father and there was never a father figure around, they will be the type of girl who jumps from relationship to relationship, quickly into the relationship say “I love you”, engage in more sexual activities, and they will most likely feel more insecure. Same thing goes for a boy missing his mother except the boy will most likely not be in relationships. So if this scenario happens with someone they are more likely to become a sex addict over someone who comes from a stable family.

Sex addicts have no emotional connection when it comes to engaging in sex. Most sex addicts frequently engage in more sex and with more partners than they thought they would. Most sex addicts will spend most of their time looking for a future partner or will spend a large amount of time online visiting porn websites. They spend their life being all abut sexual activities. Sex addicts tend to organize their world around sex in the same way that cocaine addicts organize theirs around cocaine. Their goal in interacting with people and in social situations is obtaining sexual pleasure.

Even though sex addiction is more common now, there are some statistics of being addicted to sex throughout history. Sex addiction has been around since we have recorded history. However back in those times, it was not commonly diagnosed due to their lack of knowledge and understanding about sex. It has only been in the last two or three decades that a clear understanding of sex addiction has been reached. Sex addiction is rapidly being diagnosed as a major social problem. Sexual addiction has similarities to addictions to alcohol, drugs and even gambling.

All of these addicts take a while to actually realize that they have a problem. Most people view sex addicts as dirty, gross, not morally right, ect, so this could possibly be why it takes people longer to come out and say they have a problem. However, if these sex addicts do not get help it could lead to some bad consequences when the addiction hits rock bottom. Their addiction will become more frequent and extreme. When someone who is addicted to sex does not seek help, their addiction will be so strong that they will do everything and anything for sex.

Most of the time this can lead to breaking the law, getting a STD or infection and even harm to someone’s health. Most of these sex addicts were sexually abused or assaulted as a child so when their addiction becomes too strong to handle, they will do to others as others did to them. The addict will go so far as to rape another person, some addicts will engage is sex so much either protected or not protected that they will end up with an STD/AIDS or even pregnancy. In some cases addicts have been known to “hook up” with the wrong person and find themselves killed or

injured. The consequences for not getting help are so severe that it can change that addict’s life for the worse and it will be a permanent consequence. On the other hand, if the addict decides to seek treatment, there are a lot of resources out there and a lot of ways to recover. The first step in getting help is to recognize that he or she has a serious addiction. The addict has to realize how much this addiction is affecting their lives. Once this is accomplished the addict must take note to all of the values that they have in life.

They need to regain self worth and self-confidence. By doing this, the addict will understand that recovery is not possible without self-value. Realizing they need help will increase their sense of themselves and realize they have strength to fight off this addiction. Saying positive affirmations to them will also increase the speed of the recovery. Another recovery method is getting an evaluation by a psychologist, psychiatrist or sex therapist. This can be done on an outpatient basis. Treatment may depend on the cause of the addiction.

The first point of contact can be your family doctor or local psychiatric services that offer specialists in sexual behavior disorder (Sexual Addiction, n. d. ). Every addict deserves treatment. True sex addicts can be extremely frowned upon by our society. 40 million people in the United States are sexually involved with the Internet (Statistics on Sexual Addiction. N. d. ). In some married couples, one of the people in the relationship could be addicted to sex but do not show this addiction to their partner.

In an addict’s relationship, 47% say that pornography is a problem in their relationship; 42% of adults in an addict’s relationship stated that the use of pornography by their partner made them feel insecure. Women in today’s culture are frowned upon the most. “Our culture discourages women from being assertive and direct in the expression of their sexual needs, thereby encouraging a less direct and potentially seductive or manipulative style. Some women go beyond these culturally-sanctioned behaviors and use sex compulsively as a means of gaining power and love” (Women with Sexual Addiction. N. d. ).

People are quick to call a girl a slut or whore but when a guy is a sex addict it is not a big deal and they do not get called demeaning names. Although there are more males who are addicted to sex than women, this addiction should be cured as soon as possible. Sex addiction is a huge uncontrollable desire to have sex and is most common in men. Having sex too much is considered a problem resulting in an addiction when it starts to interfere with normal daily activities. Sex addiction interferes with relationships, work, friendships and lifestyle and should be treated right away to prevent personal harm.

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