Sexual assault is a major problem Essay

            “Sexual assault is a major problem - Sexual assault is a major problem Essay introduction. Nearly 25 percent of Texas’ incarcerated population has some sort of sexual assault on their record.” (Tips T.)  These distressing rates came from Texas Associations Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) latest news. And if we calculate these percentages along with the percentage of the alleged sexually assaulted women who had not reported the incident, the number will rise enormously and these rates (which might be equal to the number of offenders that had not been incarcerated and continue to enjoy their misdeed) might prolong in the coming days. And the governments’ legislators respond to this problem? H.B. 1751. The House Bill that will collect $5 per-patron fee and a 10 percent tax on admission fees to sexually oriented businesses that provide live nude entertainment and allow on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages” (Thomson et al). The pattern becomes crystal clear, total doom for women.

            We all know the influences brought by these sexually oriented businesses to our society and it’s only righteous that they’d be tax more. These establishments not only promote sexual pleasures but also motivate men’s sexual desires. These desires, with alcohol at hand, can easily lead to sexual aggressions against women. Adding this law, chances are, the aggression against women will become a societal norm. Why wouldn’t, when the governments’ methods of helping and diminishing the number of victims requires broadening it first by collecting taxes from the establishments and the people whom considered to one of the many roots of the crime. It’s the same as saying “Hey, you’re free to assault anyone as long as you pay $5, we can provide aids, treatment and educational programs anyway!” or “Let’s promote the crime first to the very institutions that promotes these vicious acts so that we can help the victims.” Where’s ethics to that? Logical or non-logical, the bill does not imply solutions to the ever growing sexual assaults rates but rather doing huge favor offenders. Yes most of the club owners disagree the bill, why wouldn’t they when their profit will be slashed to provide aids for their victims.

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Sexual assault is a major problem
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            Does the legislators forgetting the fact that most sex offenders’ were under the influence of alcohol or too much exposure of sexual intent places and/or materials? Are they forgetting the root of the crime or they’re just thickening their skin like Eva Stone who said “dealing with occasional verbal abuse from patrons requires thick skin” (, one of the many women working on these sexually oriented establishments and obviously experienced sexual assaults more than the any typical victims. Yet no fact that links these establishments for being the root of the crime even though it is the very nature of their businesses was the main promoters.

            The intent of the said law (which will provide funds for sexually oriented groups) were undeniably unrighteous and diminishes the morality of one’s individual particularly to women.  And the cause totally contradicts the very foundation, the ethical values and the very concept that these organizations stands and fought for.

            Obviously, this law consists of many technicalities both in ethical and logical manners when it comes to solving and helping sexually abused victims. Despite the fact that the tax collections will benefit many, the number of victims continues to rise. No matter how much effort many made by different organizations, the problem will continue to linger and might tragically becomes uncontrollable because the root of the crime does not only widens but gain an overwhelming popularity, therefore, the legislators must had passed a bill that will diminished both the number of victims and the number of roots.


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