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Sexuality in the Twentieth Century

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5. Sexuality in the Twentieth Century

Humanity is a long drawn out historical process. Somebody once said only that which is without history can be defined. Sexuality is a substantial example of this. In his lecture, Professor Simon argued that sexuality in the twentieth century has been changeable. He draws many points about the variable of sexuality, and how it changes with through the years. The Professor also lectures about how generations mend, and explains how one generation can have great influence and impact on one another.

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Sexuality in the Twentieth Century
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Meaning that the beliefs of a prior generation can give way to expansion and growth of even more different ways of thinking. Complex and unchangeable sexuality draws from many different sources such as tradition, culture, and fantasy.

One of the first points the Professor states is explaining how the body compares to sexuality. Simons states that there have been many changes in sexual behavior. He claims that the body is the constant. This is one thing that basically has remained the same over throughout history only with minor changes.

Noting that the variable is the behavior of sexuality. Beliefs and attitudes have changed over the years, even more dramatically recently. Sexuality needs to be examined in how it fits in everyday life, and how it is shaped by everyday life.

Different eras have proved to produce different beliefs on sexuality. The Professor tells of many examples in his lecture. Lets focus on the twentieth century. Simons states that a study was conducted in the twenties that proved that premariadal sex had almost doubled from the years before. He then went into the explaining that this was due to society and the industrial boom that was going on at this time. This in his opinion started to show a change in attitude of a nation. People started to become more open of who they were and their sexuality. Then he went to the 1950’s and talks about the television shows that were on at this time, and stated that the innocents that they displayed were the expectation of the nation. He then moved into the 60’s were two major things happened. People were starting to come of age, and the sexual revolution broke out. Peace and free love was everywhere. Professor Simons then moves into the 70’s by telling a story of a woman who wrote a letter to Ann Landers, and ask should she let her son who is coming home with his girlfriend sleep in the same room. Landers replied to the lady by saying it is your house you should do what makes you feel comfortable. Then in the 80’s Ann Landers was asked the same question, but this time gave more of a liberal answer. As shown, this rarely ever happened in the past, and shows the changing of the times. Today, if you look around you, people are more confident than ever. Women strive and often parallel men in many categories today. Some people are even willing to accept homosexuality. This leads to the future, which no one can predict. Although one could presume that nothing is impossible and one day, maybe gays will even be accepted by everyone in their beliefs

Sexual behavior is vastly different from the past, yet the act it self has not changed. Sex is prevalent everywhere. On TV, in movies, ads, magazines, the extent to which sex is discussed these days is never ending. I believe even the straightest of beliefs on sexuality will be broken and broadened. One day, sex will be as common as the word food. We all need it to survive.

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