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Shakespeare’s As You Like It Essay

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Act 3-scene 1- During this scene, duke Frederick is looking for Orlando athis brother Oliver’s. Since he is not there, Oliver is given one year inwhich to find his brother. The duke wants him dead or alive, and untilthat time, Duke Frederick seizes everything of value belonging to Oliver.

Oliver is upset at this, and mentions that he never loved his brother inhis life.

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Shakespeare’s As You Like It
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Act 3-scene 2- Orlando hangs sonnets he wrote for Rosalind in the trees. Ashe exits, touchstone and Corin enter and begin a verbal battle that Corinknows he cannot win, though he tries.

Rosalind enters reading one of thepoems about her that she found in the trees. “From east to west Ind, nojewel is like Rosalind. Her worth, being mounted on the wind, through allthe world bears rosalind. Let no fair be kept in mind, but the fair ofRosalind.” Touchstone believes she composed the rhyme herself and mocks herwith a poem that, too, features every other line rhyming with Rosalind.

Sheargues she found the poesy in a tree, and touchstone replies that the treeyields bad fruit. Then Celia enters the forest, dressed as Aliena, alsowith a poem about Rosalind, and after being questioned, Celia reveals thatOrlando hung them. This excites Rosalind. The two hide as Orlando andJacques enter, Jacques telling his friend he should not be so in love.

Jaques leaves, and Rosalind enters as Ganymede and begins talking toOrlando. She tells him that she can cure his lovesickness, that she hasdone this before, and to do so he has to pretend she is Rosalind and cometo court her everyday. He does not want to be cured, but he agrees to begincalling her Rosalind and visiting her cottage daily.

Act 3-scene 3: Touchstone has fallen for a woman named Audrey, a goatherdwith limited intelligence. Nonetheless, Touchstone tells the girl hewishes to marry her. When sir Oliver Martext arrives, he wonders who willgive Audrey away Jaques comes out from his hiding place in the forest atthis time and offers to give the woman away. He then tells Touchstone thathe should wait until they get married in a real church, and touchstoneagrees.

Act 3-scene 4: Orlando did not arrive at Ganymede’s cottage in the morninglike he swore to Rosalind. Rosalind wants to cry because of this. Celiatells her “nay, certainly there is no truth to him”. Orlando is livingwith her father in the woods, and Rosalind says how yesterday she ran intothe duke in her disguise, and he asked her questions about her parentage.

Corin enters and asks them if they want to come see Silvius and the womanhe loves, Phoebe. Hoping take Orlando off of her mind, Rosalind agrees tosee them.

Act 3-scene 5: Silvius and Phoebe are talking in the forest, and Silviusbegs phoebe to say she loves him. Silvius professes his love for her, butshe refuses to respond that way, and instead tells him she feels no pityfor him. Rosalind, Celia, and Corin come upon them, and Rosalind begins toinsult Phoebe for the way she is treating Silvius. Instead of becomingangry with “Ganymede,” Phoebe falls in love with him and leaves to writehim a letter that Silvius agrees to take to him/her. Silvius has no idea ofphoebe’s feelings for Rosalind in her disguise”I pray you do not fall in love with me,For I am falser than vows made in wine:Besides, I like you not. –If you will know my house,’Tis at the tuft of olives here hard by. –Will you go, sister? –Shepherd, ply her hard. –Come, sister. –Shepherdess, look on him better,And be not proud; though all the world could see,None could be so abused in sight as he.

Come to our flock.”Rosalind as Ganymede, to PhoebePhoebe has fallen in love with Ganymede, and Rosalind, in order tohalt these feelings, talks down on “herself” to Phoebe. While saying thatshe (as Ganymede) is “falser than vows made in wine”, or words spoken whileunder the influence of alcohol, Rosalind pleads for Phoebe to leave, andeven makes sure to tell her bluntly “I like you not”.

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