Shakespeare’s Romances Essay

William Shakespeare has been regarded as the greatest of all English writers and dramatists - Shakespeare’s Romances Essay introduction. Not only is he considered being the greatest of all English writers, he is also unarguably the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. As a mark of his literary exploits he is often called England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon”. Although he died centuries before now, his works, which includes 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and several other poems, lives after him.

The works of Shakespeare has been divided into different groups but for the purpose of this essay, focus will be drawn on his latter works which has been generally referred to as “Shakespeare’s romances”. Shakespeare’s romances refer to the umbrella name given to the last set of works that was written by William Shakespeare. Prior to this period, his works has been either tragedy or comedy. Examples of the earlier works of William Shakespeare are the comedy of errors, as you like it, Love’s labour’s lost, Anthony and Cleopatra etc. However, the style by which he wrote change.

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Instead of writing only tragedies or comedies, he began to explore tragicomedies. His works began to tell stories of wandering and separation which finally leads to tearful and happy endings. One significant characteristic of these works is the fact that they have a missed mood which heightens the suspense in these works. His works that fall into this category are Winter’s Tale, Tempest, Pericles, Prince of Tyre, Cymbeline and The Two Noble Kinsmen. Although these works of Shakespeare do not have a centralized theme, certain features are peculiar to them.

This includes the style by which they are written, the language and the mood of the works. William Shakespeare succeeded in incorporating two rather extreme moods in these latter works. A common characteristic of these works is the suspense and intrigue that these works have. They are written is such a way that the reader is overwhelmed by the eventual turn out of events in the plays. Another feature of Shakespeare’s romances is most of them talked about love and the fight to true love. A typical example of this is Pericules and the Tempest.

In the five plays, there is an idea of the importance of love and how the central characters sought to find affection even in a challenging and stormy weather. Furthermore, these plays have a connection with decisions and the effect they have on our lives. In Pericules, the central character avoids married with the person he was to marry and gets married to Taisha and has a child. At a point in the novel, he experiences the feelings of guilt – guilt for his actions. Another feature of these works is that there is the fear of the unknown.

Only the reader is able to guess what is happening in the play. What follows is forbearance and patience by all concerned. Also, Shakespeare wrote these plays in the form of a typical romance. It includes emotional scenes of reunion and the view that behind the naive account of voyage is a slight dramatization of severance, loss, and recovery. Summarily, I will say that this group of works is the finest to be written by Shakespeare because he uses several literary devises in these works,, which makes the works rich in context.

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