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I once thought that knowledge was power - Sheridan Sample Scholarship Letter introduction. It was not until recently when I realized that it is applied knowledge that means power and what you do with your skills that make a difference. Based on this belief I have aimed my goals and ambitions to help young African Canadians to become more financially educated at an early stage in life. I would like to develop a program that will teach them slightly above average financial knowledge. This is why I decided to take up finance as my subject of choice.

Over the years that I have attended a post secondary institution, I have been fortunate enough to not have to rely on OSAP and have always found a strategy to have been able to finance my education. This year I was unable to harvest enough funding for my tuition, books and school supplies from savings alone. The reason why I was unable to save enough money this year was because of the lack of hours at my part-time employment and as well some very difficult circumstantial living expenses.


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My mother was unable to work due to a car accident, that she had gotten into prior to the summer and since the beginning of summer, much of the income from my part-time position went towards household expenses and helping my family. As a result of this I am turning to the assistance of scholarships and bursaries, to help reduce the burden of my tuition, books and school supply fees. Becoming a selected successful applicant of this scholarship would be more than just a lending hand in reaching my goals, it would be a blessing.

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