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Sherman Antitrust Act and Trading Company Act

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    A fee simple estate is the highest level of land ownership. . To successfully pursue a Title VII lawsuit, the plaintiff generally must belong to a protected class. 8. Sulfur dioxide emission permits can be sold under the 1990 Clean Air Act. 9. The Superfine is available to private citizens through the filing of a lawsuit. 10. Doctrine. 11. Nuisance is a common law anti-pollution A NIMBI group is one who opposes development of certain land uses. 12. Corporations cannot hold copyrights. 13. Those who transport or who arrange for the transport of hazardous materials are liable under CERCAL. 14.

    A primary offering is the first-time offering of shares for sale. 5. Stare decides is Latin for “let the decision stand. ” 16. The Kyoto Protocol has been ratified and adopted in the United States. 17. A tombstone ad can be run before the registration statement is effective. 18. Black-out periods are timeshares in which trading by company employees is prohibited. 19. Destruction of documents related to the financial reports of a company carries a 20-year penalty. 20. NATO is the result off multilateral treaty. 21 . The sole Proprietor’s personal assets are protected from business creditor attachment. 2. The doctrine of forum non envisions is used to dismiss court cases brought in the wrong court. 23. A right-of-way is an example of an easement. 24. A limited partnership interest is not considered a security. 25. The Export Trading Company Act carved out an exception to U. S. Antitrust laws for U. S. Firms that combine to do business in international markets. 26. Expropriation is the taking of private property by a country. 27. A limited partner will lose his limited liability status if he actively manages the firm with the general partner. II – Multiple Choice questions (2 points each) 2.

    Delta Inc. Has lowered their emissions from its New Mexico plant, and now holds a permit for emission it no longer needs. Delta: a. Must return the permit to the EPA b. Can sell the permit privately c. Can sell the permit only through the EPA d. Most use the permit or forfeit it in six months 3. In some Jurisdictions the following defense to negligence still serves as a complete bar to recovery. E. Comparative negligence f. Contributory negligence g. Both a and b above h. None of the above 4. Authority retroactively conferred on a person by a principal is known as: Ratification J. Express authority k.

    Apparent authority l. Inherent authority 5. With reference to the Serbians-Solely Act of 2002, what is “Peek-a-Boo? ” statutory code of ethics n. The White-Collar Criminal Penalty Enhancement Act o. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board p. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 6. Which of the following could the EPA hold liable for a toxic leak from underground storage? Q. Current owner r. Past owner s. Current operator t. All of the above 7. Ron Heywood is an employee at Quest Industries. In the men’s room he overhears two officers discussing an upcoming merger that has not been announced et.

    Ron tells his girlfriend Lisa who purchases 1,000 shares of Quest. After the merger is announced, the value of the shares doubles. U. Lisa has engaged in insider trading. V. Ron simply overheard a conversation and can trade on that information. Lisa is not an insider and therefore did not violate insider trading regulations. None of the above. 8. Regarding written contracts, the parole evidence rule; y. Prohibits oral agreements z. Prohibits the introduction of outside information to contradict the written agreement { Deals only wit n Statute tot Fraud contracts l. None of the above 9.

    The eventual result in the U. S. V Microsoft case was: }. Bill Gates was sentenced to one year in prison for violations of the Sherman Act Microsoft did not violate the Sherman Act 0. Microsoft did violate the Sherman Act . Microsoft did not possess monopoly power 10. Which of the following is required for an enforceable covenant not to . Sale off business compete? . Reasonable geographic area . Reasonable time limits . Both b and c above 11. Title VII Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment: . Includes unwelcome sexual flirtation and propositions. Sexually related Jokes.

    Includes harassment over sexual orientation. . Includes any . Happens when an employee is required to engage in sexual related behavior in exchange for a promotion. 12. Harsh Fountain, a minor child, was shot by a playmate and received $17,694 in medical services from Yale Diagnostic radiology. Is Fountain liable for payment of these services?

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