Shoot a handgun Essay

Dave Arnold, Guns & ammo’s Handgun Editor, has just
brought out a hard cover version of his popular book on handgun
shooting - Shoot a handgun Essay introduction. Both the spine and front pictorial cover feature handsome
gold gilt stamping. This is a complete manual of shooting and has
something for everyone, tyro or advanced shooter. Profusely illustrated, this 14-page book has 11 chapters as well as an appendix,
bibliography and glossary of shooting terms.

The 11 chapters cover everything a handgun shooter needs to know;
choosing a handgun, how they work, safety and responsibility, defensive
shooting, learning to shoot, accessories and modifications, care and
cleaning as well as much more. This is all presented in a concise, easy
to style that will lead the reader from chapter to chapter and make the
learning proces an easy one, and all hard cover editions will be
autographed by the author. Priced at $12.95 postpaid ($13.80 in CA);
soft cover edition $8.95 postpaid ($9.49 in CA), it is available from
PVA Books, Dept. GA, P.O. Box 2216-RG, Canyon Country, CA 91351.

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Shoot a handgun
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