Short Essay – The Great Gatsby

Everyone wants a million dollar home, drive a luxurious car, and be surrounded by people that live life in the fast lane as well. To behold the life of American Dream as well, it also consists of a stay at home mom with a well working dad and prosperous and productive children. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby himself lives his life in luxury, with his house, car, and friends. He lacks the dream of having a family. He doesn’t have Daisy, which Is profound to be the love of his life. He lost her a score ago and she had a child with another man, who as rich when he wasn’t, so no, Gatsby doesn’t hypothetically represent the American dream. In evidence, while listening to Gatsby, It seems as If he wants the reader and audience o see him as a hero. Gatsby house Is said to be massive and costly.

He likes pink suits and to possess luxurious cars. His parties are characterized as attending a vulgar amusement park. With his own perception of being a hero, there are rumors about him being a criminal and a killer . When Gatsby gives Nick a summary of his life, it deems as if it’s preposterous. Gatsby wants Nick to believe that he is an elegant roughneck. Which a paradox I must say. Gatsby morality or really how he sees himself Is chivalrous. Gatsby moral response has to do with that Platonic conception.

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