Short Story Asessment: “The Good Corn” and “Turned”

There is one major difference in The Good Corn and Turned and that is the reactions of the married womans to their hubbies actions. In world what the two work forces did was the same but how the two adult females reacted was wholly different. Mrs. Mortimer forgave her hubby and Mrs. Marroner up and left her hubby. This difference in reactions is caused by the different cultural fortunes that the two adult females were in.

Mrs. Mortimer from the Good Corn was a husbandman’s married woman, she was uneducated and had non known any other lifestyle besides her state one, her isolation caused her to go dependent on her hubby and besides him Elsie was her lone comrade. Mrs. Marroner on the other manus was a good educated, high society adult female. She lived in Boston, an upper-class suburb, had a Ph.D. and one time lectured at university. Because of her suburban upbringing and instruction she was a confident and independent lady who relied on no-one. She was the more dominant individual in their matrimony whereas in The Good maize Mr. Mortimer was the dominant spouse.

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In The Good Corn when Mrs. Mortimer discovered that Elsie was pregnant she was at first upset but subsequently realised what a blessing the whole state of affairs was, she had been hankering for a kid for so long and was trusting that Elsie would give the babe to her. Mrs. Mortimer was non excessively upset with Mr. Mortimer because she felt that because she was in a down province refering her sterility that she pushed him off and besides the fact that if she didn? Ts forgive her hubby she would be left isolated with no-money, no ownerships and non cognizing anybody because of her stray fortunes.

Mrs. Marroner on the other manus reacted to Gerta’s gestation really otherwise. At first she was devastated, excessively emot ional and in denial that something like this could go on after all that they had been through and because Gerta was about like a girl to the Marroner? s. After she had thought about the old event she realised that what Mr. Marroner had done was shocking, a offense against adult females and inexcusable. She besides realised that Gerta was non to fault for her gestation, so in bend she decided to go forth Mr. Marroner and take Gerta with her. She had no usage for her hubby any longer, she was independent, educated and didn T need Mr. Marroner to back up her, Gerta or the babe.

Not merely do the adult females act otherwise because of their cultural differences but so make the work forces. Mr. Mortimer when confronted about the gestation instantly apologised and told his married woman that Elsie meant nil to him and neither did their short matter. This reaction was influenced by the fact that he needed his married woman more than he realised, she cooked for him and did the family jobs, things he couldn? T do and it was most likely that if she left him so would Elsie. Besides the Mortimers matrimony seemed to be more loving and passionate even though it was seldom shown, this possibly because of their isolation from the remainder of society and that their merely company was each other.

In Turned Mr. Marroner tried to conceal the fact that he had slept with Gerta, he went off and pretended he was on a concern trip. He hid the truth because he was intimidated by his married woman, she had power and he feared her in a manner because of her independency and wealth and he realised that she truly didn. Ts need him. When he returned to Boston he searched in despair for her, in a manner it seemed like he needed her for support, he was unconfident and if their matrimony broke up so it would damage his public image or position. A individuals cultural circumstance greatly effects how a individual will act in certain state of affairss, The Marroners and Roger de mortimers went through fundamentally the same state of affairs and yet how the work forces and adult females reacted were wholly different.

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