Short Summary of the Life of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was one of the most powerful and one of the most famous dicators of Rome. He was born in 13th of July 100 B.C. in Subura and died in 44 B.C. March 15th.

At first he started as a general too. His soliders loved him. He served as a general for over 10 years. He led the Roman army to Gaul. Soon he was ordered back to Rome, because they were afraid that he is getting too strong. As a govenor it was against the law to lead the army, but he broke this law. He found enemies in the Roman empire and his old friend Pompey who made him to become a general was now trying to control him. But he fought back and chased him to Egypt where he was murdered. For a short while he stayed in Egypt where he was involved in a civil war.

After this incident all other countries around the Mediterranian sea were conquered by him.He even went to Britain twice to discover the land. It was a very brave thing to do in that time because back then people were afraid of the barbarians who lived there.

After spending many years in the he became the dictator by putting his friends into powerful places in the senate and asked them to elect him a dictator for life. He defeated most of his enemies by 45 B.C.

While he was the emperor he played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Also he built many fine buildings and made lots of different changes in the empire which made Rome into a better organised Empire. Other countries like Greece were afraid of him because of his army and many others did the same so they wanted to be allied with him. He ruled like a king. He wore purple robes and put his statue into the hall of kings. But his soliders and his people still loved him.

But still, he found enemies in the Roman senate. And he was actually killed by these powerful senates. They were too afraid of him.

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