Should Cell Phone Use by Drivers be Permitted? Essay

Should Cell Phone Use by Drivers be Permitted?

In this essay I am going to discuss if cell phone use by drivers should be permitted or not - Should Cell Phone Use by Drivers be Permitted? Essay introduction? I will tell you about laws in other provinces, if the laws are the same of if they are different. I will also mention the good things that would come out of cell phone use by drivers, and also the bad things that would come out of cell phone use by drivers. During this essay I will also give you my opinion on if it should be permitted or not.

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Should Cell Phone Use by Drivers be Permitted?
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In the province of Manitoba cell phone use while you are driving is illegal, but is this the same in all of Canada’s provinces? In British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec, Nova Scotia it is illegal to be on your cell phones while driving. In some provinces like Ontario it is even illegal to be on you iPod while driving. Even though not all of the provinces and territories in Canada ban the use of cell phones, everyone of the provinces and territories have “distracted driver” . If it is proven that in a car crash the use of a cell phone was cause of it, you will be charged. The cost of the fine you receive for cell phone use is different in each of the provinces.

Statistics say that more then one in twenty car accidents are cell phone related accidents. There have been many car accidents in Canada that have been caused by cell phone usage while driving, they range from minor accidents to deadly accidents. Even a the use of blue tooth technology does not mean that an accident won’t happen when driving. Harvard University did a study that said that people using cell phones caused around two hundred deaths and millions injures. Drivers that use the phone while driving are four times more likely to cause an accident then people not on their cell phones. There is only one way to stop these accidents, not to use a cell phone while driving. In the winter in 2010 just outside of Brandon, Manitoba a driver was distracted by his cell phone and he didn’t see a deer on the highway, as he slams on his breaks he slides on the black ice and rolls his car. He survived with just minor injuries, he was lucky because many people have lost their lives because of cell phone use while driving. These were many of the reasons why cell phones should be illegal while in a motorized vehicle.

Many people believe in Canada believe that cell phone use while driving in motorized vehicles should be allowed. They believe this because they don’t believe that cell phones distract you anymore then changing your radio station, or turning up the heat in the car. Many new vehicles nowadays are made with touch screens inside of them, they do everything that you had to do manually before. You have to take your eyes off the road to look at them to change the temperature, the song, or even call someone. They are as much distracting as looking at your phone would be. So why ban cell phone in vehicles when vehicles themselves do the same things? These were some of the things that make you think about if cell phones should really be banned or not.

In conclusion, I believe that cell phones should be banned while driving a vehicle because it causes many accidents that could have been prevented by just pulling over and talking on the phone.

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