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Should Juveniles Be Jailed, Sentenced

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    What I find even more unfortunate Is that some Individuals make this decision too early on In life. It is heart breaking to me that a large percentage of adolescents chose to live a life of misdeed and become Juvenile offenders sentenced, and Jailed as adults. Mentally Incapable of thinking like an adult, teens participate in illegal behavior with consequences they will not be able to bare, robbing them of their childhood. Under any circumstances, though others may strongly disagree, children should not receive adult sentencing or be jailed as adults.

    Every day, in courts all over America, children are given adult sentences. Every year, 200,000 youths are tried, sentenced or Incarcerated as adults (Steer). How effective Is this? Childhood is one ongoing learning process. What lesson is taught here? Serious crimes committed by teenagers are steadily Increasing. A quarter of all crimes are committed by offenders under the age of 18, official figures suggest (Doyle). Not only Is sentencing them as adults ineffective, I believe It Is also morally wrong.

    Based on criminal behaviors, adolescents are obviously incapable of making well-processed, expansible decisions as adults are. They lack experience and cannot rationalize about the consequence of their actions such as being sentenced to life in prison in an all adult male environment. In addition to lack of experience, “adolescent brains are not fully developed until at least the age of 20. They lack the preferential cortex, the lobe of the brain that helps with reasoning and Judgment. Teens also do not have a fully developed cerebellum, the area of the brain that helps control impulse (Debate. Org).

    Without these two physical characteristics that separate the men from he boys, teenagers cannot possibly be expected to endure the same consequence as fully matured adults. ” In a blink of an eye a teenage can throw their entire life away without even noticing versus an adult criminal with a well-developed cerebellum and preferential cortex who has the ability to know how to reevaluate the situation based on the long-term results; Teenagers think short term. Moreover. Juvenile delinquents usually come from dysfunctional family background and their delinquent behaviors are Introduced by their own families (Romano, Mad, Organize, Shared). OFF before. After receiving adult sentencing, Juveniles are sent off to these massive prisons where they are surrounded by “real criminals”, adult prisoners. In light of 14 year old Paul, who was sentenced at age 12 to life in prison with a possibility of early release based on good behavior, prison traps you in a concrete facility where you are forced to be raised by adult criminals (King). As a nation we should want the best for our children. Sending children of vulnerable age away to prisons where they are surrounded by adult prisoners would only create a stronger negative impact on their ivies not save them.

    By sending teens off to these dens of hopelessness where the vast majority is adults there’s an open opportunity for the weak to be conquered by strong forced into rape, bullying, gang violence, and careless unconscious authority. A group of young male prisoners is suing the state of Michigan. The prisoners allege they were subjected to sexual harassment, rape, and in some instances sexual trafficking, as a result of the state’s policy of housing Juvenile offenders age 17 and younger in the same facility as adult offenders (Simulation).

    Placing children in adult acclivities puts them at five times a greater risk of rape than if you keep them in a juvenile facility (Simulation/Label). Imagine the horror stories passed on to Juveniles heading to the gates of adult prisons. Experiencing or witnessing the terrible acts of rape, bullying, and undependable prison guards and cell mates could easily drive adolescents into suicide. Research has found that Juveniles housed in adult prisons are 36 times more likely to commit suicide than if confined in a facility for Juveniles (Reuters). Society plays an important role in a child’s development and the way they re raised.

    If someone is raised in a violent environment where they physically or visually experience cruelty, they are more likely to do the same (Steer). It is our surroundings that influence us for better or for worse and witnessing a change of character can result in one; this positive influence cannot be found in prison. On the other hand, in a world of so many, there are those who advocate punishment regardless of any circumstance. They do not consider any personal issues or the long term effects of sentencing a child as an adult and housing them with adult prisoners. % of Debate. Ores members say miss, lock them up and through away they key’ (Debate. Org) with an “If you can do the crime you can do the time attitude! ” I strongly disagree. Yes they know right from wrong but they do not have the ability to consider life further than that exact moment due to the undeveloped brain conditions that were previously stated. Others may argue that teenagers commit violent crimes in the first place because they know they will not receive harsh punishment because of their age. (Brookline).

    Statistics show that more states are owe charging Juveniles as adults which suggests that they are enforcing harsh punishment more now than ever, age has not mattered much at all in recent cases. What does adult sentencing to minors teach these kids? What opportunity does it give to them? In life are there no second chances? How does housing kids in environments of adult criminals who still take part in what a dysfunctional child was only experimenting with positively impact their lives? The youth are our society should choose techniques in accordance to what’s best for the children; each case would be individually evaluated.

    Why is harsh punishment option one? A better approach would be physiological testing and assistance, family counseling so the child does not return to the same broken family that he/she has evolved from and an environment where hope is in existence. Perhaps being housed in a Juvenile facility built on a foundation of hopefulness where potential young adults can be inspired to become contributing members of society and not adult criminals. There are other alternatives and society should take ownership of rehabilitating our youth.

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