Should Parents Allow Teens to Make Thier Own Decisions? (Gmt 102: Comm Skills Bba Nust Business School, Pakistan.) Essay

Should parents allow teenagers to make their own decisions?
A highly debatable topic indeed. Young adults or still children?
I think there would be several schools of thoughts on this particularly controversial issue. Parents in different cultures tend to follow specific sets of instructions usually passed down generations. They believe, the moral values they were taught were for the good enough. Those times were tough but they lasted them their entire lives. They don’t remember how they could not, would not understand then what their parents were doing with them.

The pressure was just too great, the world, unjust and themselves, unworthy.
One very wrong view of parenting is to expect your children to realize that they owe their lives to you. It’s not like that at all. If you have to have children so you can manipulate them and mould them into something you want them to be and not let them ever discover themselves, your children might regret some of your decisions and might even grow up to hate you.

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Should Parents Allow Teens to Make Thier Own Decisions? (Gmt 102: Comm Skills Bba Nust Business School, Pakistan.)
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Parents forget where to draw the line between kids, who need to be pampered, who need to be taken care of. The age at which parents decide what school you have to go to or what neighborhood they need to grow up in. Past that, they need to start handing some of the responsibilities to the growing up fast, children. What parents don’t seem to handle is the fact that the children actually start to live a life of their own. They make different choices for thier children and dont enjoy give them any liberty at all. They just need to be told that they are still in control, that they know what the best is for their children. Why are adults so bad at handling that? Is it the protective charm or the psychotic owning-the-children behavior. That remains a mystery.
People like to believe that they are very open minded while some times it is not the case. Sometimes, the tables turn and they are left to face reality right into its naked eye. This is when fear strikes. Clashes.

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