Should Parents Cane Their Children for Their Wrongdoings? Essay

No person should ever be put in physical pain for wrongdoing. This statement applies specifically to children and teenagers . There is no a lesson out there that can be more effectively by caning to children than by a verbal explanation. I oppose that parents should cane their children for their wrongdoings because it may lead to trauma, parents should be advisor rather than hitting and children may involve in social problems. Firstly, by caning their children the parents may cause their children to trauma and mental issue.

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Should Parents Cane Their Children for Their Wrongdoings?
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The pain felt by the teenager wil make them feel they are not loved by their parents. They will also become unfriendly and coward because they are in stress. The teenager can learn from own mistakes slowly. Secondly, The parents should act as an advisor rather than hitting their children. This is because parent’s attitude will be a role model to their children. If parents always cane their children, it is not weird if that children became parents who always cane their children too, and will be parents who are violent in temper.

The parents should talk slowly to their teenager, because teenager nowadays prefer to slow talk with their parents. Thirdly, by canning it can cause negatively thoughts to their parents. The teenager will not feel satisfied from what their parents do. This may cause the teenager to rebel against their parents. If the teenager does not like or does not trust the parents, they will find someone who can be trusted. From that, if the teenagers may revolved in social problems.

The teenagers will find something that are very interesting to them, for example drug. The teenager revolved in social also because of their feelings and their family is dysfunctional. In conclusion, I oppose that parents should cane their children. As parents, they should control themselves not be hot-tempered, good in attitude and teach the moral value to their children. The teenagers also have to behave themselves to prevent from bad influence, to be mature and take note or listen to parents’ advice.

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