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SIG Interview Questions

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We are racing, and can at any time signal to the other that we would like to bubble our bet. We’ve put down 100 to start and during the race I signal to you I want to double the bet, What is the minimum probability of winning for you to accept to continue? Candy bar A produces 60% market’s candy, of which 20% is damaged. Candy Bar B produces% of the markets candy, of which is damaged. Given thou see a damaged candy bar, what is the probability that its Candy Bar B?  The probability of seeing a shooting star in 1 hour is 91%.

What is the probability of seeing a shooting star in 30 minutes?

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SIG Interview Questions
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Variation: If there is an 84% chance of an event happening in an hour, what is he probability that it happens in half an hour? You have are offered a contract on a piece of land which is worth 1000000 70% of the time, 500000 20% percent of the time and 150000 of the time.

The contract says you can pay x dollars for someone to determine the land’s value from where you can decide whether or not to pay 300000 for the land. What is x? I. E. How much is this contract worth? Variation: A piece of land has a 30% chance of being located over an oil reserve, in which case it is going to be worth MOM.

If there is no oil, the land is worth MOM. You are offered an option to buy the land at MOM after inspecting it and ascertaining if there is oil. How much are you willing to pay for this option? 8. We’re playing a game. Cards numbered from 1 ;10 are placed in a hat. Whatever card is drawn is the paid out amount. How much should I charge you to play this game (I. E. Fair price)? If you can redraw by placing the first card back into the hat, what is the new price?  Flip n+l coins and you flip n coins. I win if I flip more heads than you do, and you win if we tie or you flip more heads.

What is the probability I win?  What is the population of Nigeria? (Variation: Make me a market on the population of Nigeria)  What is the probability of being dealt a pair of cards?  What is the probability of rolling the same side of a dice three times in a row? We each have three fair coins, and we flip all of them at once. After we flip them, We kick at the outcomes. If We have the Same number Of heads out of our own coins I pay you $1 and if we have a different number you pay me $2. Do you want to play this game?

If you have 3 dice, what is the probability thou will get a 6 and what is the probability that you will get a 6 three times? Variation: 6 sided die, you roll 3 times, what’s the probability of rolling the name number all 3 rolls? Rolling a six all three times?

Goal: The person to reach 50 first wins.

Rules: Play with another person, say a number, and the other person can say any number up to 10 over your number.

Variation: If we play a game in which Player 1 picks a number 1-11, and then player 2 can add 1-1 1 to that (I. E. Layer 1 picks 5, player 2 can add to make it 6-16), what is the strategy to win this game if Player 1 wants to make 60? 16. How to measure the highest floors from which you can drop an egg?

Variation: Check heard on the street  Hospital has three boys and an unknown number of girls. A mother has a baby. A nurse picks up a baby at random and it is a boy. What is the probability that the mother had a boy?  I have 10 cards face-down numbered 1 through 10. We play a game in which you choose a card and give you the corresponding dollar amount. A) What is the fair price of this game? ) Now, after picking a card you can either take the dollar value on the card or $3. 50. Also, cards worth less than 5 are now valued at $0. What is the maximum price you are now willing to pay for the game?  Marble weighing questions  How many ways can 5 different people sit down at a round table? How any ways can 5 different people sit down in a line of chairs? What if they were seated at a long table with exactly five seats (the 5 people will sit side by side)?  I want to have a birthday party outside this weekend (I. E. Need sunny weather).

On Saturday, the chance of rain is 60 percent, sun 40 percent. On Sunday, rain is 80 percent, sun is 20 percent. From there, the interviewer can ask an array Of

questions: What are the chances can have my party this weekend? If I have my party, what are the chances my party is on Saturday/ Sunday? Variation: You can hold a party only if there is no rain on either Saturday or Sunday. The probability of rain on a Saturday is 80% and 60% for Sunday. What is the probability you can hold a party at the weekend? Given that you held a party, what is the probability that that it rained at the weekend?  Two blind men are carrying 3 pairs of red rocks and 3 pairs of white socks. They hit each other in the mall and have to redistribute the socks so that they receive the same amount of each color they had before. They can’t receive any outside help. How do they do it?  If toss 3 pieces on a tic-tact-toe board at random, and I pay you $9 if the pieces create tic-tact-toe, and you pay me $1 if they don’t, do you want to play he game? (Expected value problem) If you flip a coin until you decide to stop and you want to maximize the ratio of heads to total flips, what is that expected ratio?  You have five pirates, ranked from 5 to 1 in descending order. The top pirate has the right to propose how 1 00 gold coins should be divided among them. But the others get to vote on his plan, and if fewer than half agree with him, he gets killed. How will the coins end up being divided, assuming all the pirates are rational and want to end up alive?  Toss 1 00 coins, what is the probability of getting more than 60 heads?  Solve Ajax… 2 28. 4 people need to cross rope bridge, only 2 people can pass at a time, each person walks at a different pace (1 min, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).

The slower time is recorded each time two people cross.  You have a deck of 97 cards and I will pay you $10 if I draw 4 cards and they are in ascending order (not necessarily consecutive order) and you pay me SSL if they are not. Would you play? Two-string like fuses. Each burns in exactly one minute the fuses are inhomogeneous, and may burn slowly or faster. You have a match and no watch. How do you tell exactly 45 sec? 1 . What is the expected value of the roll Of two dice..  25 swimmers and no stop watch? 25 horses, find the fastest 2, while only racing 5 at a time 33.

Using this table of values of (row is x, cool is y, cell displays gay). Come up with a confidence interval of the value of AAA (this value is missing)  You are 2 points down in a basketball match. … If you shoot for a 2 pointer you have a 33 percent chance of scoring and the game goes to overtime. If you shoot for 3 you have a 25 percent chance of scoring …. If the game goes to overtime you have a 50 percent chance Of winning…. Which shot should you go for?  Say we have a pond with lily pads. The lily pads double every minute. After 60 minutes, the pond is completely covered.

How long does it take for the pond to be 114 covered?  What kind of probability distribution describes the sum of the squares of independent normal random variables?  If you throw a dice and can choose to take the initial score or roll again and will get $1 for 1, $2 for 2 etc, what is the fair price for that game’.  Design a recursive algorithm that will check if one string (e. G. “abaca”) can be made from the letters Of a larger string (e. . “Babbage”) and return true Of false based on the result. . Get gene values and gene vector of a correlation matrix

TCP/JODI port number, basic network protocols and Unix instructions.  Difference between TCP and UDP. What is ARP. TCP three way handshake. Drawing a pair of (x, y) from a joint Gaussian distribution with O covariance. Knowing the standard deviations of x and y and knowing z = x + y, what is your best guess for x?  50% of population does not smoke, 20% are heavy smokers and 30% are light smokers. If heavy smokers are twice as likely to die as light smokers, and sight smokers are twice as likely to die as non-smokers then what is the likelihood that if someone died they were a heavy smoker?  What is the fastest amount of time you can get 4 people across a bridge. Each person takes a different amount of time 1 minute, 2, 5, and 10. They can cross 2 at a time but need a flashlight to cross. You roll three fair six sided dice, what is the probability of each die turning up with the same number. 48. They gave me a table containing Nan power for n = 1-10, asked me to compute 7. 97. 5 in 3 minutes, and give a 10% confidence interval. What is the fair price of a call option (given the strike price and the probabilities of the underlying stock becoming specific prices)?

If I have a fair, shuffled deck of cards without jokers, what are the odds that if I pull the top two cards from the deck, that they are a pair? Write a function that is passed a string and determines whether or not the string is a palindrome. (They had me write on the whiteboard in front of them. ). If you were given two words and needed to determine if the words were anagrams, how WOOL_SLD you go about doing this? There are two baby boys and an unspecified number of baby girls in a rusher. A new baby is born and added to the nursery. Then, a nurse removes a baby from the nursery at random.

Given that the baby chosen by the nurse is a boy, what is the probability that the newborn baby is a boy? Optimal ranking problem. You have a fair penny. It takes a dollar to play and to win, you must flip 4 heads in a row for 10 dollars. Should you play? Asked basic binary option pricing questions and what is the fair value of a security, expected value questions. There is a game where you have three coins, and your opponent has three coins. You both flip your coins at the same time. If the number of heads you have matches the number of heads he has, then you win $2.

Otherwise you lose $1. Do you want to play this game?

What is the difference between broadcast and multicast?

What are the parts that make up a server?

What is RAID?  What is active directory?

What is the difference between a 32 bit and 64 bit SO?

What is a register?

What is DNS?

What is the basic building block of Linux?

What is the probability that three people were born on the same day of the week?

Which is bigger, or 1 0)?

What is inheritance?

What is polymorphism?

The probability of three people have the birthday on the same day Of a week?

How would you design a word processor.  Suppose you have 100 GAB of data that you want to sort, but you only have 1 GAB of memory. How would you sort this data?

Suppose you have two covariance matrices A and B. Is ABA also a covariance matrix?

Suppose that, by plain dumb luck, we also have that ABA=BAA. Is ABA a covariance matrix under this additional condition?

What is the population of Nigeria?

Just in time compilation

Struck with members?

We are playing a game where the first person to say “40” wins, and each layer must add 1-10 to the previous number.

For example, I say 5; you can say any number 6-15 to which have to react. For you to say “40” first, what is your strategy? Two blind men are carrying 3 pairs of red rocks and 3 pairs bobwhite socks. What is JOB? Difference b/was and C++  How can you have GUI interface if the system is using SO?. There is a piece of gold under the ground. It costs $K to dig it out, while the gold price varies. How you price it? I flip a coin three times, and then another three times. If the number of heads is the same the first and second time, I win. If the number of heads is efferent, then I win.

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